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Pearl and KORG join forces to bring us the Pearl e/MERGE electronic drum kit

Shop now - Pearl Emerge HYBRID and TRADITIONAL electronic drum kit
Shop now - Pearl Emerge HYBRID and TRADITIONAL electronic drum kit


Find out what makes the Pearl e/MERGE a serious choice for today's pro drummers…

By Joe Synnott | Published 27.09.19

One of the biggest names in drums meets one of the biggest names in electronic instruments. Pearl and KORG have joined forces to bring us the most exciting electronic drum kit of 2019. The Pearl e/MERGE comes in two configurations, the e/HYBRID and the e/TRADITIONAL. Read on to find out more about that…

Taking the combined experience of two renowned companies, the e/MERGE features a raft of new technology to make a real step-forward for e-drummers. The three standout elements of this collaboration are the MDL-1 e/MERGE Module, KORG's Wave Trigger technology, and Pearl's PUREtouch electronic pads.

What’s in the box?

Out of the box you will have 5 trigger pads, snare, toms, bass drum. There will be 3 cymbals included: Hi-hat, Crash and Ride cymbal, as well as the brain behind it all: The eMERGE drum module...

What's the difference between the Hybrid and Traditional e/MERGE drums?

Pearl Emerge Traditional and Hybrid Comparison

With the e/HYBRID, you get an 18’’ acoustic bass drum. The e/TRADITIONAL features a more traditional e-drum bass drum pad, designed with portability in mind. Other than that, their configurations remain the same.

e/MERGE MDL-1 Module

Pearl Emerge Drum Module

The module is the ‘brain’ of an electronic drumkit, it’s where the sound and the triggers come together and make magic, and the e/MERGE is no exception. The module has multicore processors, 12gb of internal memory and 700 HD sounds from Pearl’s studio recorded drum kits and KORG’s HD sample database. The module allows Midi, PC, Aux and Headphone connectivity. This accompanied by 8 direct outs, 2 master outs and a removable USB Memory slot. This module is powerful… and can record up to 12 hours of play time. The ambient slider on the module allows the manipulation of sound captured on the original recordings of Pearl’s acoustic drum kits, letting you change the levels from the room mics and overheads used to capture the sound of the drums.

PUREtouch Electronic Pad System

Pearl Emerge Puretouch Drum Pad

The pads for the Pearl e/MERGE are incredibly natural in feel thanks to the six-layer design, making them also ultra-responsive, and with the WAVE trigger technology this blends perfectly to create a natural feel and touch response, removing any lag or latency in trigger response. The pads themselves have not just 6 zones, but also 2 separate zones on the rims for cross-stick, rim-click and rim-shot capabilities. The pads come in ergonomic sizes of 10/12/14 and 14” snare, making these extremely comfortable to play. With the two e/MERGE bass drum options, you can select a free-standing traditional kick trigger, capable of double kick playing. However, there is also a hybrid 18” bass drum with an internal trigger.

PUREtouch Cymbals

Pearl Emerge Puretouch Cymbal Pad

The PUREtouch technology in Pearl's cymbals also feature exceptionally responsive triggers that complement the ‘real’ feel. The cymbals feature 3 ride zones, 2 crash zones & 2 hi-hat zones, all of which are expected on a drum kit of this calibre. The cymbals feature 3 ride zones, 2 crash zones & 2 hi-hat zones, all of which are expected on a drum kit of this calibre. The sounds are ‘blended’ from edge to bow, and the cymbals feature ‘Natural Harmonic’ cymbal choke sounds, meaning that unlike other modules this will trigger sympathetic harmonic resonance after you grasp the cymbal. As Pearl upholds, this is, "Truly the most natural sounding electronic cymbals ever.".

The PUREtouch Hi-hats feature a vented bottom to provide stability, alongside a plunger trigger system, compatible with virtually any hi-hat stand. This creates an extended range of articulation without any disturbance in the natural movement of the 'hats.


Pearl Emerge Front

Pearl’s ‘tour tested’ E-rack is the masterstroke to this drum kit. Ergonomically designed and flexible for configuration and expansion, this rack mounting system looks like it belongs on the stage and is built aptly so… This durable rack features uni-loc cymbal tilters, gear tilters for the toms and has enough room to add extra pads and cymbals. Never underestimate the power of a high-calibre rack.


Here at Gear4music we have been given the huge honour of seeing this drum kit first-hand, pre-launch, to shoot footage and get a good idea of what the Pearl e/MERGE is all about. It’s clear this kit has a lot of features to yearn over… Pearl and KORG may just have a serious contender for today’s intermediate and professional e-drum players.

Pearl Emerge Logo

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Posted on 27 Sep 2019 13:29 to category : Instruments News

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