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Pearl Celebrates its 75th Anniversary With These Epic Launches

Pearl Celebrates its 75th Anniversary With These Epic Launches
Pearl Celebrates its 75th Anniversary With These Epic Launches

Pearl Celebrates its 75th Anniversary With These Epic Launches

Pearl is turning 75 in style with the launch of some must-have new products. Luckily for you, we’ve got the full run down.

Pearl Celebrates its 75th Anniversary
By | Published 16.04.21

The diamond standard. It’s one thing to run a successful enterprise for 75 years, but it’s another thing entirely to continually set standards for nearly a century. Founded by Katsumi Yanagisawa in Japan in April 1946, Pearl Drums is celebrating its 75th anniversary.

The world’s leading drum company has come a long way. From humble beginnings in a garden workshop in Sumida, Tokyo, Pearl’s drumming advancements are many.

The gearless tilter, the drum rack, and the interchangeable cam are just a few of its world-leading innovations. Throw in Pearl’s now legendary Export, Roadshow, Masters and Masterworks drum series, and a host of unique hardware creations, electronic drum products and proprietary manufacturing techniques, and it’s certainly been a busy 75 years.

But the show goes on. As the company celebrates its diamond jubilee, Pearl has released a brand new - mostly limited edition - range of products to commemorate the milestone. Celebrating the company’s illustrious past with a nod to the future, these 75th anniversary products combine vintage aesthetics with contemporary function.

Here’s our rundown of Pearl’s impressive birthday drop…

The presidential series

The drum sets that started it all. In a revival of the company’s founding sound, Pearl has brought back its acclaimed President series for a contemporary update. These limited-edition kits are available with two distinct shell recipes: President Phenolic and President Deluxe.

Introduced in 1966, the President Phenolic series was the first professional drum set to carry the Pearl name. Now in 2021, the limited-edition President Phenolic Shell Pack - only 100 available worldwide - features a triumphant return of Pearl’s hermetically pressurised phenolic shells - producing the loud, piercing resonance that’s coveted by players and collectors alike.

With recasting of Pearl’s classic ‘Battleship’ lugs, as well as the inclusion of the company’s original script badge, these drums exude pristine, vintage style, but with focused, modern function. The Phenolic’s breathtaking Pearl White Oyster finish really needs to be seen in the flesh to be fully appreciated.

Buy now | President Phenolic Shell Pack


Meanwhile, the President Deluxe Shell Packs are available in two striking finishes: Ocean Ripple and Desert Ripple. A modern take on a familiar favourite, these drum sets draw from the very origins of ‘The World’s Largest Drum Company’.

The President Deluxe shells are made from the lauan mahogany wood. Native to the Philippines, this material provides the dark, unique tones and full, controlled sounds of yesteryear. Additionally, the same hardware features of the Phenolic can be found on all Deluxe configurations.

The President series is truly a testament to Pearl’s 75 years of drum-making mastery. With timeless quality and style, these kits allow you to capture a moment in history, but with all the benefits of modern-day design.

Buy now | President Deluxe Shell Pack, Ocean Ripple

Buy now | President Deluxe Shell Pack, Desert Ripple

Stunning snares

Not just limited to shell packs, Pearl’s 75th anniversary range introduces a series of stunning snare drums. There really is something for everyone here, and each snare would make a startling addition to any drummer’s armoury. Not least Pearl’s StaveCraft range. This is where old-school workmanship meets new-school performance.


Available in two different wood types, Thai Oak and Exotic Makha, these snares earn their name from a very unique crafting process. Each 25mm-thick shell starts from two layers of meticulously bevelled wood staves. Using a principal exclusive to this series, an added wood stave is then inserted into the centre Dado channel formed by each stave. Like pieces in a puzzle, this ‘Dado-Loc’ joint increases shell strength by 50%.

Producing sharp sonic focus and full-bodied volume, these snare drums are a force to be reckoned with.

Buy now | Pearl StaveCraft Thai Oak Snare

Buy now | Pearl StaveCraft Makha Snare


Elsewhere, the popular SensiTone snare range receives an anniversary update. Heritage by name, Heritage by nature. Initially introduced in 1996, Pearl’s SensiTone line-up has long been a mainstay for performance-driven drummers. Through changing styles and tastes, three metal shell types have remained constant for their necessary, vital tones: steel, aluminium and brass. The ultimate combination of affordability and performance.

Celebrating their unmistakable sound, Pearl’s 75th anniversary sees the release of six new SensiTone Heritage Alloy snare drum models. Each recalling legendary sonic punch with a modern sensibility.


First up is the Heritage Alloy Steel, offering a bright, crisp attack. Its 1mm beaded, chrome providing the right gig-ready touches, making it a utility standard for the power drummer.

Secondly, the Heritage Alloy Aluminium. Its 1.2mm, seamless beaded shell produces the dry, focused crack and quick decay that aluminium shells are famous for.

And last but most certainly not least, the Heritage Alloy Brass delivers beautiful, timeless tones with enough sonic flexibility to allow it to excel in any genre. Its gorgeous, black nickel-plated beaded brass shell imparts a sense of sophistication to match its full spectrum of warm, explosive power.

All three of these snare models are available in sizes 14” x 5” and 14” x 6.5”. Particularly in rock, metal and other genres where projection is crucial, every one of them is capable of making a thrilling sonic statement.

Buy now | Pearl SensiTone Heritage Brass Snare

Buy now | Pearl SensiTone Heritage Aluminium Snare

Buy now | Pearl SensiTone Heritage Steel Snare


Rounding out the new snare drum line-up is the DuoLuxe, which is another series that draws heavily from Pearl’s past. Originally launched in 1974, Pearl’s Jupiter snare drum quickly became a favourite for its pristine chrome-over-brass shell, three bead design, and Parallel Action Strainer for superb sensitivity.

Fast-forward 47 years and you have the DuoLuxe - a modern take on a legendary, interplanetary snare drum sound. Featuring the same body as the classic Jupiter, the DuoLuxe takes this shell and inlays it with two lavish finish bands of nicotine white marine pearl. This gives the shell a singular look and adds tonal control to its unbridled sound.

With hardware inclusions such as the ‘Battleship’ lugs, the smooth SR017 strainer, and the solid, 2.3mm triple-flanged SuperHoop II hoops, you can expect complete tonal dynamism and snare drum charisma both in sound and look.

Buy now | DuoLuxe Beaded Brass Snare

Wait, there’s more

In the best of the rest, Pearl has made some high-quality additions to its world-renowned hardware range.

The S1030D Low Position Snare Stand features a fully adjustable dropped basket that’s perfect for accommodating deeper snare drums - think 6” depth and above. Features often found among Pearl’s touring-grade hardware, the stand’s GyroLock tilter allows the basket to be positioned at practically any angle, while its die-cast, insulated pipe joint provides rock-solid, rattle-free performance in any setting.

Not forgetting your cymbals, the B1030C Curved Boom Cymbal Stand is a truly unique piece of kit. We’ve never seen a boom stand quite like this one before. It’s the only cymbal stand to benefit from Pearl’s curved Boomerang boom arm - providing unorthodox set-up function and distinct visuals in one.

Alongside a GyroLock Tilter, you really have infinite adjustment options with the B1030C. A truly superior platform that makes previously unattainable cymbal configurations possible.

Find out more

Well, there you have it: our favourite picks from Pearl’s fantastic 75th anniversary product line-up. A range of shell packs, snare drums and hardware additions that pay tribute to Pearl Drums’ trailblazing past, with all the contemporary utility you could hope for.

From the President Deluxe drums to the StaveCraft snares, drummers of all levels can find something here to inspire them in 2021 and well beyond. Here’s to 75 more years, Pearl!

Did you know that you can now build your dream Pearl Masterworks drum kit with Gear4music? Find out more | Gear4music’s dedicated custom drum builder

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