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Party Gear Guide - Make Your Party the One to Remember

Party Gear
Party Gear


Halloween, bonfire night, Christmas… as winter draws ever closer, party season is here! There’re plenty of excuses to celebrate, so why not level-up your party with our lights, smoke machines, DJ gear, and more. Read on and see how you can make your party THE big event of the year.

By Matt Wilkinson | Published 22.10.19

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It’s time to party. You’ve sorted your catering, invited your guests, and planned some decoration. But have you considered your venue?

With the right party gear, you can turn even the most modest venue into the party to remember. Lights, lasers, smoke machines, DJ gear, PA… everything you’d normally associate with a professional club is now available for everyone. And at a surprisingly affordable price too.

So, where do you start? Read on to find out more, or skip straight to the Party Gear shop here.

Party Lights

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Lighting is one of the simplest ways you can turn a house into a party venue. It can make the most moderate venue seem like a night club. Most professional lighting setups are based on par cans – these are single lighting units with multiple colours. Par cans can be setup as a static colour, or they can be connected together to make complex shows.

If you’re setting up a party, you want an easy-to-use light. Fortunately, many LED par cans come with built-in modes that react to your music in real-time. Check out the Cosmos Par Can Party Lighting System – it’s a complete lighting setup with lights, remote, and stands!

You might also consider a light bar which can send a ‘wash’ of colour – perfect for lighting up a bare wall.

If you’re looking for more exciting lighting effects, you could consider a cluster derby light. These units beam out beams of light for a more ‘club’ style effect. These effects are ideal for ideal for making an instant dancefloor area.

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Party Lights – Effects

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Party lighting effects bring motion and drama to your lighting setup. If you want your guests to get up and dance, this is where you’ll bring the party.

Lighting effects include lasers, mirror balls, strobe lights, and UV lights. You can also buy a single unit which contains multiple lighting effects built in.

Lighting effects also encompasses scene-setting devices. Need a spooky atmosphere for Halloween? Check out our smoke machines. How about a snow machine for winter? Or what about a star cloth for a classy DJ backdrop? These atmospheric devices can really take your party to the next level.

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Party PA


A PA system is designed for louder volumes than your average home hi-fi. If you want to go beyond the average Bluetooth speaker and get the ground thumping, you’ll want to consider a PA.

While there is a lot of choice, our complete PA packages make it easy. Buy one and you’ll generally get everything you need to plug in your music and get the dancefloor going. Why not buy a microphone too – they’re ideal for speeches, singers, musicians, and… karaoke anyone?

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DJ Gear


DJ gear is the more specialist side to any party. If you are a home DJ, you could buy a DJ controller and plug it into your laptop to mix some tunes. These controllers are digital decks that resemble turntables. They come complete with percussion pads, faders, and other controllers to adjust parameters in your DJ software. Most controllers come complete with software to get you started, and there is often a set of learning resources available.

Users who want something a little simpler can check out our range of DJ decks, MP3 decks, CD decks, and turntables.

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