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New Gretsch 2021 - What to look out for

New Gretsch 2021 - What to look out for
New Gretsch 2021 - What to look out for

New Gretsch 2021 – What to look out for

Gretsch has announced their 2021 line up and they’re treating us to a new take on some familiar models.

Gretsch 2021 – What to look out for

By Emily Smurthwaite | Published 12.01.21

Get ready. It’s that time of the year again which every guitarist looks forward to. You have been patiently waiting to see what the new year brings to the guitar world, and it’s another exciting year for Gretsch. 

Wait no longer. Gretsch 2021 has arrived with something for everyone. They’ve brought us some familiar models but with updated looks, thinner bodies, and even some new pickups to tantalise our tonal taste buds. We’ve summed up everything you need to know about the new Gretsch guitars below.

New Finishes

No matter your style as a player, standing out and matching your individuality to your instrument is important to every single guitarist out there. New for 2021, Gretsch has delivered some eye-catching new finishes on the G5622T models to help showcase your personality.  

Gretsch G5622T

If you like that old-school orange, then the Speyside finish is going to be right up your alley. But, if you were a fan of Gretsch’s Single Barrel Stain, you will certainly adore this all-new Single Barrel Burst finish.

Receive all that iconic Gretsch tonal flavour while alluring aesthetics are sure to grab yours, and your audience’s, attention. All that Electromatic sonic flair with a fresh look for 2021 – they are gorgeous.

Shop now | Gretsch G5622T, Speyside

Shop now | Gretsch G5622T, Single Barrel Burst

Thinner Bodies

Another new feature, we know you will appreciate is this quality design. Gretsch has listened to all your needs as players, and if you wanted a thinner Streamliner body, you got it. These G2410TG models feature a thinner 2.25’’ maple body, giving this Hollow Body a lighter, more comfortable feel than ever before - while retaining distinctive Hollow Body tone.

Gretsch G2410TG

That’s not all though, these familiar Gretsch G2410TG Streamliner models come sporting glistening gold hardware which complements each finish beautifully. Adding a touch of luxury while giving each model a hint of vintage aesthetic charm.

Shop now | Gretsch G2410TG, Ocean Turquoise

Shop now | Gretsch G2410TG, Village Amber

Shop now | Gretsch G2410TG, Single Barrel

New Fidelisonic 90 Pickups

Featured on Streamliner G2622T-P90 models, G2622-P90 models, G2655T-P90, and G2655-P60 models, Gretsch's new FideliSonic 90 pickups offer a plethora of tone.

Gretsch G2655 P90

This powerful sonic duo takes that mid-gain jangle to new heights, pushing the core of each note right to the forefront, and ensuring top-notch clarity along with a pleasing mid drive. With these pickups at your disposal, the FideliSonic 90 pickups give you all that unmistakable Gretsch flavour… and then some.

Shop now | Gretsch Streamliner

Find out more

Check out the entire Gretsch 2021 range now!

Shop now | Gretsch 2021

Posted on 12 Jan 2021 17:09 to category : Instruments News

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