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Namm 2020 | Roland's New TD-27 and Ground-Breaking VAD Series.

Roland TD-27KV and VAD Series Electronic Drum Kits
Roland TD-27KV and VAD Series

NAMM 2020 | Roland’s TD-27 module powers the new TD-27KV and ground-breaking VAD series, which blends digital technology with traditional kit design.

By Pete Wilson | Published 15.01.20

Roland V-Drums

Roland’s latest drum series, V-Drums Acoustic Design (VAD), bridges the gap between electronic and acoustic drums. Featuring V-Drum technology alongside traditional acoustic drum kit design, this series is built for those who want the best of both worlds.

Roland has also announced the new Roland TD-27 module – as well as powering the VAD series, this module is the core of a mid-level, full size V-Drums kit - the Roland TD-27KV.

Roland V-Drums TD-27

The TD-27KV replaces the long running TD-25 V-Drums series. This family has long been a popular choice for players who demand a full-size, top-quality e-drums kit, packed with fantastic sounds.

While we’re used to Roland producing two or three kits for every V-Drums series as with the TD-17 and TD-50 series, with the new TD-27 we just get one kit. And it’s a good one!

Roland TD-27KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

Bigger Pads, Better Feel

The TD-27KV is a serious kit for serious drummers. It features three ten-inch tom pads mounted to Roland’s full-size MDS-STD frame, alongside a rock solid KD-10 kick pad, 12-inch VH-10 hi-hats, as well as 12- & 13-inch crash cymbals.

With its complete collection of drums and cymbals, the TD-27KV is a kit which will feel like home for any drummer, whether they’re used to acoustic or electronic kits. Things get really interesting when we look at the snare and ride cymbal. These are digital pads inherited from the flagship TD-50 V-Drums range.

Digital Advantages

The 14-inch digital snare is a stainless-steel PD-140DS, which mounts to any regular snare stand, allowing you to position the snare however you like. The CY-18DR is an 18-inch digital ride cymbal pad, specifically designed and weighted to react exactly like an acoustic ride cymbal. Both of these digital pads feature Roland’s electrostatic sensing, making them ultra-responsive to advanced playing techniques and positional changes.

Roland TD-27KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

New Module, New Sounds

Any electronic kit is only as good as the module that powers it, and we’re happy to report that the TD-27 module is vey good indeed! A super intuitive user interface hides an extremely powerful unit, loaded with fantastic sounds and pro-level editing functions, as well as flexible routing options for use on stage or in the studio.

The module is packed with legendary V-Drums sounds, featuring over 700 instruments and 55 onboard preset kits which are ready to go, straight out of the box. There are an additional 45 user kit slots to allow you to create and edit your own kits, all powered by Roland’s ground-breaking Prismatic sound engine.

All of these sounds can be easily edited on the fly, using the easily accessible controls meaning you don’t need to interrupt your playing to dive through hidden menus.

Hear it in the Room

The TD-27 Module is also equipped with Roland’s new Pure Acoustic ambience technology, which models the ambience of different rooms, halls and stages to provide the most inspiring playing experience for any drummer. Changing parameters such as mic position and type gives you ultimate control, letting you create the perfect drum sound of your imagination and sent it directly to your headphones.

V-Drums Acoustic Design

Roland VAD-506 V-Drums Acoustic Design

While Roland’s V-Drums kits have become instantly recognisable in the world of electronic kits, there’s always been an argument that they just don’t look like a “real” drum kit. V-Drums Acoustic Design aims to change that. These exciting new kits offer a full acoustic look and footprint for the electronic drummer.

Look the Part

There is no denying that the new VAD kits look like drum kits. If you asked anyone to draw a drum kit, it would end up looking an awful lot like the VAD-506! This new series represents the first time Roland have put their acclaimed V-Drums technology into an acoustic form factor. These are electronic drum kits utilising wooden shells for the true ‘acoustic kit’ aesthetic.


So far, Roland has announced three kits in the VAD range. Kicking off the series is the Roland VAD-306, an affordable, half-shell kit with an 18-inch bass drum powered by the TD-17 drum module.

Roland VAD-306 V-Drums Acoustic Design


Next up, powered by the new TD-27 module we have the Roland VAD-503. This classic one up, one down kit features a 10-inch wooden shell rack tom, and a 14-inch wooden shell floor tom, along with a 20 inch bass drum. This kit features the digital snare and ride cymbal from the TD-50 and TD-27KV, offering unparalleled playability.

Roland VAD-503 V-Drums Acoustic Design


Topping the VAD range is the full-fat, five-piece Roland VAD-506. This kit is also built around the TD-27 module and offers an undeniably “acoustic” look which would be right at home on stage, with its black sparkle finish glinting under the lights!

Roland VAD-506 V-Drums Acoustic Design

Both the VAD-503 and the VAD-506 feature new crash cymbals with larger and thinner designs to more closely replicate the feel and movement of acoustic cymbals.

If you’ve always wanted a V-Drums kit, but been put off by the looks, it’s time to consider the V-Drums Acoustic Design range!

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