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NAMM 2020 | The Korg MS-20 Monosynth Is Back, And It’s Full-Size!

Korg MS-20 Monosynth Synthesizer
Korg MS-20 Monosynth Synthesizer

NAMM 2020 | Korg has brought back the full-size MS-20 monophonic synthesizer, and it’s available in four limited-edition colours.

By Matt Wilkinson | Published 14.01.20

Korg MS-20 FS Monosynth

Korg has brought back its iconic MS-20 Monophonic Synthesizer just in time for The NAMM Show 2020. The new MS-20 FS is a re-release of the original MS-20, and it faithfully recreates the sound, the feel, and the analog circuitry of the original monosynth.

The original Korg MS-20 was a patchable semi-modular synthesizer - part of Korg’s popular MS family and playing a vital role in Korg’s history as a synth brand. The MS-20 was available from 1978, and after being discontinued in 1973, Korg created several re-release versions owing to the MS-20’s enduring popularity.

Over recent years, Korg has produced a miniature version of the MS-20 (Korg MS-20 Mini), a software plugin, and a limited-edition full-size DIY kit in 2014.

As we come round to 2020, though, it seems that Korg is realising just how popular this synth is continuing to be, so production has resumed of a completely assembled, full-size MS-20.

Korg MS-20 FS Monosyth Synthesizer

The new MS-20 FS completely reproduces the original MS-20’s analog circuitry. An External Signal Processor (ESP) allows users to process an external signal, while the patching system makes it possible to customise the signal path of this semi-modular instrument with an “extremely high degree of freedom”. A MIDI IN connection an USB port are also provided for more modern connectivity.  

The new MS-20 retains the distinctive self-oscillating filters of the original, providing resonance for high-pass and low-pass. Maximising the resonance causes the filter to self-oscillate and produces a distinct change in tone. The new MS-20 incorporates both the earlier and the later versions of these filters for versatile sound-shaping options.

As Korg says, “Today, 40 years after first appearing in 1978, musicians hungry for this absolutely timeless sound can hear the genuine analog power of the MS-20.”

The Korg MS-20 FS is available in four limited power-coated colours: green, white, blue, and black.

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Posted on 14 Jan 2020 05:00 to category : Instruments News

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