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NAMM 2020 | Studio Electronics Brings Back the SE1-X - a True Modern Classic


NAMM 2020 | Not all comebacks are bad, sometimes they start with a boom: introducing the Studio Electronics SE1-X

By Steven Jeffels | Published 17.01.20


As Studio Electronics says, “The BOOM is back” …well for a little bit at least. This is a limited run of a classic mono synth, the SE-1.

The SE1-X looks like a monster and sounds like one too. In an age where poly synths get the attention, seeing Studio Electronics not only being the first company to put out an ORIGINAL mono synth in years, they have now re-released it, and this is why you should be excited!

Right from the top you get two famous filters. The 24dB ‘mini’ (Moog) and a 12dB SEM (classic Oberheim). These have been praised throughout the industry and for good reason; they sound incredible and this revision expands the frequency range by a whole tone, making them even more powerful!

Create immersive soundscapes by combining or selecting multiple waveforms. Choose: triangle, sine, saw and variable pulse width square.  The first oscillator can also be synced to the second and third oscillator.

Want things to get nasty? Switch on the fuzz circuit and add a little chaos into your life.

The SE1-X is also incredible at processing external audio too, providing access to all the incredible features in the SE1-X.

As well as the external audio input processing there is a noise generator and a hardware ring mod so you can add tons of character to an already characterful synth.

The three LFOs all have destination and amount controls, as well as key trigger, phase, and MIDI sync. This gives you ample patching options for involved modulation and beautiful evolving textures.

Want more control? The standalone software editor lets you deep dive to your heart's content. Create presets, repatch, and a unique Tone Wizard function that randomly generates patches!

The SE1-X has 4 factory banks of 99 in ROM and 3 designer banks of 99 in RAM: The Scroggins Synquence, Infared, and Daidemer.

As you would expect, there is CC for all the core parameters as well as full MIDI implementation (MIDI in, out, and thru).

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Posted on 17 Jan 2020 09:54 to category : Instruments News

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