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NAMM 2020 | Nord Wave 2 is Nord's Most Versatile Synth Ever

Nord Wave 2 Performance Synthesizer
Nord Wave 2 Performance Synthesizer

NAMM 2020 | The Nord Wave 2 is a powerful 4-part synthesizer which combines Virtual Analog synthesis, samples, FM, and wavetable. Introducing Nord’s “Most Versatile Synthesizer Ever”

By Matt Wilkinson | Published 13.01.20

Nord Wave 2 Performance Synthesizer

Nord has just announced the Wave 2 Performance Synthesizer ahead of Winter NAMM 2020. With 4 independent synthesizers in one, this instrument promises huge capabilities for layering classic waveforms and samples.

The new Nord Wave 2 promises to be Nord’s most versatile synthesizer yet. It features 4 independent synth engines in addition to filters, dedicated LFO, Amp section, Polyphonic Arpeggiator, and a separate high-quality stereo Effects section.

At its core, the Wave 2 allows you create 4 layers of sound with each layer offering 4 oscillator choices – Analog, Samples, FM, or Wavetable. Those sounds include a broad selection of high-quality instrument samples from the Nord Sample Library 3.0, as well as the exclusively licenced sounds of the legendary Mellotron and Chamberlain. You’ll also have access to classic analog waveforms, advanced wavetables with various tonal characteristics, and FM sounds with 2/3/4 operator configurations featuring harmonic/inharmonic variations.

And while those combinations of layers offer almost endless possibilities, the Wave 2’s hands-on design ensures you can intuitively manage your sounds. An array of top panel controls and dedicated OLED displays mean you can easily view and tweak performance settings on the go.

Nord Wave 2 Performance Synth

The simple Program Layer section allows users to easily control the balance of each of the four layers, or group them together for simultaneous control. Alternatively, three split points provide up to 4 zones with optional crossfades.

Once you’ve crafted your blend of layers, you can choose to process them individually or as a group. The Wave 2 includes 6 Filter types with full ADSR (including an emulation of the Mini’s transistor ladder filter), a dedicated LFO with choice of waveforms, and an AMP section with full ADSR. Many parameters are ‘Morphable’ and can be controlled from different expression input sources.  

Nord Wave 2 Performance Synthesizer

The Wave 2 also includes an advanced Polyphonic Arpeggiator, Gate, and a separate effects layer for each layer, offering instantly tweakable stereo effects including Tremolo, Pan, ring Modulator, Chorus, Ensemble, and Vibe, as well as an EQ with Drive. An independent Reverb section per layer offers five room sizes, as well as Bright and Dark modes plus a Chorale effect for lush modulation.

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Posted on 13 Jan 2020 16:17 to category : Instruments News

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