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NAMM 2020 | EVO by Audient - A New Series of Audio Interfaces Which Make Recording Easy for Online Creatives.

EVO by Audient EVO 4 Audio Interface USB Studio
EVO by Audient EVO 4 Audio Interface

NAMM 2020 | Audient has launched EVO: an affordable family of audio interfaces designed for podcasting, gaming, streaming, and home-recording.

By Matt Wilkinson | Published 14.01.20

EVO By Audient EVO 4 Audio Interface

Premium audio equipment manufacturer Audient has announced the EVO by Audient family of audio interfaces. Responding to the increasing popularity of online podcasters, gamers, musicians and online streamers, the EVO 4 by Audient and EVO 8 by Audient are designed to make it as easy as possible to capture audio.

EVO by Audient is due to launch at The NAMM Show in a few days’ time, but it’s been revealed today so we can get a sneak peek! Aimed at the ever-growing community of online media creators, these classy-looking interfaces offer an affordable and easy-to-use solution, designed by one of the market leaders in professional audio.

The EVO 4 by Audient is a 2-in / 2-out audio interface with a range of intuitive and application-specific features. Users will be able to get up-and-running quickly with the clever Smartgain function, which automatically sets a gain level when you start playing your instrument or singing into a microphone.

Despite its affordability, the EVO 4 features premium features including brand-new EVO mic preamps with 58dB gain range, “class-leading converters” with 113dB dynamic range, a JFET D.I, Smart Touchpoints (to control speakers/headphones and channels from one dial), ultra-low latency, monitor mix, and a loopback function.

EVO By Audient EVO 4 Audio Interface

The EVO 8 by Audient has the same innovative functions as the EVO 4 but with even more I/O for bigger projects. With 4 EVO mic pres, two speaker outputs and two headphone outputs, EVO 8 offers “unrivalled performance and functionality at its price point.”

EVO By Audient EVO 8 Audio Interface

Andy Allen, Marketing director for Audient, explains the concept of the EVO: “We believe technology shouldn’t get in the way of the creative process; it should enhance it and be accessible to all, no matter what their skill-level or art-form and EVO is here to make great-sounding recordings as easy and effortless as possible.”

With its compact, intuitive, and minimalist design, powered directly from a computer by USB, creators will find it easy capturing audio anywhere.

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Posted on 14 Jan 2020 15:00 to category : Instruments News

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