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NAMM 2019: Schecter Guitar and Bass

NAMM 2019: Schecter Guitar and Bass
NAMM 2019: Schecter Guitar and Bass

NAMM 2019: Schecter Guitar and Bass

Schecter unveils its brand-new 2019 electric guitars and basses featuring Reaper models with stunning burl tops, Fishman Fluence-equipped C models, new signature guitars, and more…

Schecter Guitars

Winter is a busy time for guitar manufacturers, with every company consolidating its yearly development efforts in time for the Winter NAMM in January. In fact, it's such an iconic event that guitarists almost have difficulty choosing between December 25th and Winter NAMM 2019 as the real holiday of the year.

This year, Schecter has brought the celebrations early by unveiling its new-for-2019 assortment of guitars and basses, and there's some real eye-catching models in the mix!

Schecter 2019 Guitars

Schecter Reaper 2019

Key among the 2019 crop is a new range of Schecter Reaper models with very on-trend (and particularly striking) burl maple tops with a forearm bevel. These new swamp ash body Reaper models are clearly honed for modern technical playing and are available with a wide range of options including 6 and 7-string models (the 7-string model having a multiscale fingerboard), fixed bridge or locking tremolo, and Sustainiac pickup options.

Schecter Reaper-7 Multiscale, Satin Charcoal Burst
Schecter Reaper-6 FR, Satin Sky Burst

Crafted in the highly-regarded factories of Indonesia, the Reaper series is a thoroughly professional range of guitars, jam-packed with contemporary appointments for modern technical players. Tactile satin finishes, extra-jumbo frets, Graph Tech nuts, thin/flat necks with ebony fingerboards and maple/walnut multi-ply necks (strengthened with carbon fiber rods), sleek set-neck joints; the list goes on. The resulting specification creates a guitar with huge tones, easy playability, and tuning stability you can rely on.

Schecter Reaper-6 FR, Satin Inferno Burst
Schecter Reaper-6, Satin Charcoal Burst

Schecter's own Decimator pickups give the power for metal riffs and solos, while the Sustainiac neck pickup option is ideal for experimental textures and liquid-smooth lead lines. The 7-string multi-scale Reaper gives extended range players the balanced string tension they require, while the full assortment of left-handed models aims to make the Reaper series an all-inclusive range.

Schecter "Evil Twin" 2019 - with Fishman Fluence Pickups

Schecter has released new "Evil Twin" versions of its popular C-1 and C-7 guitars, aimed at the metal crowds with its sleek black satin finish, white body binding, Roman Numeral inlays, and trans-black back finish.

Schecter C-7 SLS Evil Twin, Satin Black
Schecter C-1 FR S SLS Evil Twin, Satin Black

The inclusion of Fishman's Fluence Modern pickups removes all the inductance issues of traditional pickups, creating a noise-free sound and "revealing pure, uncorrupted and musical tone." (Fishman) A Fishman Modern Alnico neck pickup gives the sustain needed for liquid-smooth solos and chords, while the Modern Ceramic bridge pickup creates a brutal, active aggressive tone that is ideal for heavy rhythm work.

An arched top gives the Evil Twins' swamp ash bodies enhanced tonal girth, while the thin and flat necks (with compound radius fingerboards and 24 extra jumbo frets) are built for speed.  With a sleek black finish, honed playing specification, and modern Fishman pickups, the Evil Twins are no-nonsense guitars for rock/metal players.

Schecter Nick Johnston Traditional 2019

Schecter has released a new traditionally-styled signature guitar for rock/blues/fusion wizard Nick Johnston, offering a more affordable alternative to his go-to USA Signature model. While this guitar may look traditional, the playing specification is anything but. 22 extra-jumbo frets are mounted to a "Thin-C" neck with a flat 14"-radius fingerboard; the result is a fast and modern playability which perfectly suits the technical abilities of Nick Johnston.


An alder body mounted with Schecter Diamond Nick Johnston signature coil pickups gives a classic range of sounds, while the roasted maple neck is a nice modern touch to enhance stability, sustain, and give a tactile left-hand feel. A Graph Tech nut and locking tuners provide the reliability and tuning stability needed for professional use.

Schecter has also released two signature models for the guitarists in the band In This Moment, with new eye-catching 7-string V-shape guitars for Chris Howarth & Randy Weitzel.

Schecter Randy Weitzel V-7 FR, Satin White

Schecter V-1 Apocalypse

Adding to the post-apocalypse-inspired Schecter Apocalypse range is a new v-shaped model. The V-1 Apocalypse features the same Rusty Grey finish as the rest of the range, as well as radioactive-warning triangle inlays, glow in the dark side dot markers, distressed scratch plates, and all-black hardware.

Schecter V-1 Apocalypse, Rusty Grey

Schecter's own USA Apocalypse-VI pickups provide a full range of metal tones. An effortless playability and reliable performance are guaranteed by a smooth compound radius fingerboard with 24 extra-jumbo frets, a thin and stable maple/padauk 'Thin C' neck with carbon fibre reinforcement rods, a sleek "Ultra Access" set-neck joint, and locking tuners. 

Schecter 2019 Bass

Schecter SLS Elite Bass 2019

Schecter has expanded its SLS guitar series into a new SLS bass line for 2019. Now bass players can access the same effortless playability and stunning neck-through design of the SLS guitar range.

Available in both 4 and 5-string models, the SLS bass range features a swamp ash body with natural back finish and eye-catching flamed maple top. A maple/walnut/padauk neck is finished in satin to give a tactile feel and to leave the striking multi-ply design visible from the back of the guitar.

Schecter SLS Evil Twin-4 Bass, Satin Black
Schecter SLS Elite-4 Bass, Antique Fade Burst

A key part of the SLS series is its neck-through design, giving effortless playability and enhanced sustain. To complement this construction, the guitar is loaded with premium hardware including Fishman Fluence Bass Soapbar pickups, Graph Tech nuts, 24 extra-jumbo stainless-steel frets, and Grover tuners.

The SLS range guarantees versatile tones, effortless playability, stunning good-looks, and pro-level reliability.

SLS Evil Twin Bass 2019

To match the 2019 Evil Twin guitar range is a new SLS Evil Twin Bass Range. Featuring the same arched swamp ash body and sleek contours as its guitar sibling, the Evil Twin bass is crafted for powerful tones and fast playability. A sleek satin-black finish with body binding and Roman Numeral inlays creates a menacing aesthetic that is perfect for metal players.

Schecter SLS Evil Twin-5 Bass, Satin Black

The Evil Twin bass is available as a 4 and 5-string model, and comes complete with versatile Fishman Fluence Bass Soapbar pickups, along with a premium hardware spec featuring 24 x-jumbo stainless-steel frets, Graph Tech nut, Grover tuners, and carbon-fibre reinforced neck.

Schecter J-4 / J-5 Bass

With a nod to traditional bass guitar design, the J-4 / J-5 bass guitars offer a modern playability with traditional looks and tones. An alder body, mounted with dual Schecter USA MonsterTone-J pickups, gives a bright and versatile playing sound, perfect for recreating many classic bass tones.

Schecter J-4 Bass, Sea Foam Green
Schecter J-5 Bass, Gloss Black

While the looks and the tone may be traditional, the playing (in familiar Schecter fashion) is anything but. A Thin "C" maple neck and extra-jumbo frets, mounted to a flat 16"-radius fingerboard, gives a fast and direct playing feel for contemporary musicians.

By Matt Wilkinson

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