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NAMM 2019 | Ibanez Electric Guitars

Ibanez 2019 Electric Guitars
Ibanez 2019 Electric Guitars

Ibanez has unveiled a plethora of new electric guitars for 2019. Read more about the newest Ibanez gear here.

Ibanez 2019 New Releases

Ibanez has pulled out all the stops for its 2019 collection of electric guitars. In anticipation of Winter NAMM, they have unveiled the brand-new Axion Label electric guitar series, new signature models, enhanced RG models, new gradation paint finishes, and much more. Read on to find out more or visit our webpages for Ibanez 2019 New Releases and the complete collection of NAMM 2019 guitars unveiled so far.

Ibanez Axion Label

With a host of modern appointments and thoughtful enhancements, the new-for-2019 Ibanez Axion Label series is perfectly honed for contemporary performance and serious gigging players. Covering a range of classic Ibanez electric guitar models, each Axion Label instrument features specially selected pickups from Bare Knuckle/Fishman, Schaller strap lock pins fitted as standard, Sub Zero treated jumbo frets, luminescent side dot inlays, Gotoh MG-T locking machine heads, coil-tapping switches, super-playable panga panga/walnut necks, and a range of stunning paint finishes designed to stand out from the crowd.

Each Axion Label guitar is loaded to the hilt with premium specifications which, when combined with the legendary ease-of-playability inherent in every Ibanez guitar, makes these instruments perfect for the stage and the studio straight out the box. While each instrument may be perfectly suited to metal playing, the genre-agnostic designs makes them serious contenders for any rock/fusion player's collection. If you're looking for a serious studio/gigging guitar, the Axion Label should be high up on your list for 2019.

RGA61AL Axion Label

Ibanez RGA61AL Axion Label, Indigo Aurora Burst Flat

The perfect fixed-bridge guitar for contemporary players from the new Axion Label series. Along with all the specifications described above from the Axion Label series, this guitar's standout features include a flamed maple top on a rare Nyatoh body, powerful Bare Knuckle Aftermath pickups, and a stunning Indigo Aurora Burst Flat finish contrasting beautifully with the stained back finish. This guitar is also available as the 7-string RGA71AL Axion Label.

RGA60AL Axion Label

Ibanez RGA60AL Axion Label, Antique Brown Stained

This is the same high-performance model as above but with a natural Antique Brown Stained Low Gloss finish, a more traditional ash body, and an Edge-Zero II double locking bridge system for all your extreme whammy bar tricks.

RGD61AL Axion Label

Ibanez RGD61AL Axion Label, Stained Sapphire Blue Burst

Featuring the distinct forearm bevel of the RGD series, this RGD61AL variant ups the game with its Axion Label upgrades. As well as its special Axion Label specifications, the standout features of this guitar include a flamed maple top on a layered ash body, a stunning birdseye maple fingerboard, fixed Gibralta Standard II bridge, and articulate DiMarzio Fusion Edge pickups (without coil tapping).  

Ibanez RGD71AL Axion Label 7-String, Antique Brown Stained Burst

This model is also available with 7-strings and a Macassar ebony fingerboard - the stunning Ibanez RGD71AL Axion Label in Antique Brown Stained Burst.

RGD61ALMS and RGD71ALMS Axion Label

Ibanez RGD61ALMS Axion Label Multi-Scale, Cerulean Blue Burst
Ibanez RGD71ALMS Axion Label 7-String, Black Aurora Burst Matte

Looking for rock-solid stability in your extended range guitar? Taking the distinct body bevels of the RGD series, the RGD61ALMS Axion Label - and its 7-string sibling, the RGD71ALMS Axion Label - feature multiscale necks for contemporary extended-range players looking for new levels of comfort and optimal string tension. As well as the standard Axion Label upgrades, both instruments feature dual-voiced Fishman Fluence Modern pickups, Ibanez Mono-rail bridges for optimal string vibration transfer, Macassar ebony fingerboards, and Nyotah bodies (the 6-string guitar also featuring layered ash).

S61AL Axion Label

Ibanez S61AL Axion Label, Black Mirage Gradation

The Ibanez S series is renowned for its impossibly-slim body with svelte contours in all the right places. Despite the lack of mass, these guitars still deliver huge tones that can rival any large-bodied instrument.

The Axion Label upgrades makes the S61AL Axion Label - and its sibling, S71AL Axion Label 7-string - a thoroughly forward-looking guitar. Standout features include versatile dual-voiced Fishman Fluence Modern humbuckers with coil tapping, a stunning flamed maple top on a nyatoh body, and a contemporary Black Mirage Gradation Low Gloss finish.

Ibanez RG Prestige

As the archetypal shred guitar range, the RG series has become a modern-day classic. The made-in-Japan Prestige range offers Japanese craftmanship at a reasonable price, and Ibanez has released some special new RG Prestige models for 2019.  Here's a few of the stand-out models.

RG5120M and RG5121 Prestige

Ibanez RG5120M Prestige, Frozen Ocean
Ibanez RG5121 Prestige, Dark Tide Blue Flat

Loaded with dual-voiced Fishman Fluence humbuckers, these two instruments bring a new contemporary edge to the RG line. The tremolo-equipped RG5120M shows off a stunning bound birdseye fingerboard with an ash top on a mahogany body, while the hardtail RG5121 looks beautifully understated with its Dark Tide Blue Flat African mahogany body with binding, and its bound Macassar ebony fingerboard.  

RGR5220M Prestige and RGR5227MFX Prestige

Ibanez RGR5220M Prestige, Transparent Fluorescent Green

These 6- and 7-string siblings share a wonderful Transparent Fluorescent Green finish, designed to show off the grain of the ash top and get you noticed!  Bare Knuckle Brute Force pickups are mounted on a resonant African mahogany body to guarantee powerful tones, while the standard RG-recipe of thin/flat necks, jumbo frets, and unhindered fingerboard access provides a lightning-fast playing experience.

RG752M Prestige

Ibanez RG752AHM Prestige 2018, Nebula Green Burst

A 7-string RG guitar with vintage-voiced DiMarzio PAF humbuckers. Yes, you read that correctly! This guitar offers the high-octane playability of the RG series, the contemporary extended range of a 7-string guitar, but with the tonal nuance of vintage pickups. If you're an extended range player with more nuanced tonal demands, this is for you.

RG5328 Prestige

Ibanez RG5328 Prestige, Lighting Through A Dark

For the most contemporary of players, this 8-string Ibanez RG is the ideal guitar. Standout features include DiMarzio Fusion Edge pickups with coil-tapping, an ash body with menacing "Lightning Through A Dark" finish, and a stable Gibraltar Standard II-8 bridge.

RG550DX Genesis Collection

Ibanez RG550DX Genesis, Laser Blue

The RG550 was the prototype and subsequent genesis of the RG series, and this modern day RG550DX offers the playing experience of the ground-breaking original. Standout features include a basswood body, thin/flat 5pc Super Wizard maple/walnut neck, V7/S1/V8 pickups, and a classic Edge tremolo bridge.

RG Iron Label

Ibanez RGIR9FME Iron Label 9-String, Faded Denim Flat

Honed for metal players, the Iron Label series offers the stable platform needed for aggressive performances. New for 2019, the Ibanez 9-string RGIR9FME offers some serious extension of range from a factory guitar. EMG 909 humbuckers are specially optimised for the huge melodic range of this instrument, while the Nitro Wizard-9 5-piece maple-walnut neck offers the maximum stability and comfort possible over 9 strings.

Ibanez RGIXL7 Iron Label 7 String, Antique Brown Stained

Elsewhere in the 2019 Iron Label series comes the RGIXL7 with "only" 7 strings! DiMarzio Fusion Edge pickups give a range of powerful tones while the ash body is shown off beautifully by the Antique Brown Stained Low Gloss finish.

RG - Other New Finishes

RG1070FM Premium

Ibanez RG1070FM Premium, Natural

This guitar is based on a popular limited-edition model from the previous year and is now returned in full factory production. A flamed maple top is mounted on a resonant African mahogany body - a tonewood combination guaranteed to produce huge resonance and a thick midrange. Standout features include a trio of DiMarzio pickups (Air Norton/True Velvet/The Tone Zone), a classic Edge tremolo bridge, stainless steel frets (jumbo with Premium fret edge treatment), and a striking bound panga panga fingerboard. Make no mistake, with its Premium specification, this guitar will sound as good as it looks.  

RG "Exotic Wood" 500 Models

Ibanez RGEW521MZW, Natural Flat

From the RG standard series comes a range of new instruments designed to offer boutique looks at a more affordable price. The RGEW520MCW and RGEW521MZW are topped with figured black walnut and zebrawood respectively. Other standout features include DiMarzio Air Norton and The Tone Zone humbuckers, Wizard III roasted maple necks with roasted maple fingerboards, and 24 jumbo frets.

Ibanez 2019 Signature Models

Ibanez has greatly expanded its signature model range for 2019. Notably, five new signature models based on the AZ Series are here to deliver the custom appointments of the most contemporary players.

AZ-Style Signature Guitars

The new Ibanez AZ Series was the hot-topic of 2018, giving contemporary players the genre-hopping versatility and effortless playability that they craved. Five new Ibanez signature guitars take the AZ Series as their base and add custom features to suit the most current musicians.

Erick Hansel

Ibanez 2019 New Releases

The EH10 Erick Hansel Signature Model is perfect for the technical precision and melodic clarity of CHON's guitarist Erick Hansel. This signature guitar features a unique combination of Seymour Duncan pickups, with a Hyperion bridge humbucker and an Anico II Pro neck single-coil to provide a huge range of sounds for almost any style.  

Mario Camarena

Ibanez 2019 New Releases

The other half of CHON's technical and melodic sound comes from Mario Camarena, and the MAR10 signature guitar blends the versatility of the AZ Series with some stand-out design touches from the RG series. A trio of Seymour Duncan Hyperion pickups (HSS) with coil-tapping gives the versatility for the modern sound of CHON.

Scott LePage

Ibanez 2019 New Releases

The SLM10 Scott LePage signature guitar provides the modern tones needed for another band huge in the technical instrumental scene, Polyphia. With its Transparent Red Matte finish, quilted maple top, gold hardware, and black scratch plate, this signature guitar brings a new level of classy aesthetics to the AZ Series. DiMarzio True Velvet single coil pickups and the SLM Original bridge pickup guarantee a wide range of hard-hitting tones, from crystal-clean tapped arpeggios to furious lead work.

Tim Henson

Ibanez 2019 New Releases

The THBB10 Tim Henson signature model provides the other half of Polyphia's next-level sound. The gold hardware and black finish complement each other beautifully, while the block inlays and roasted maple fingerboard give a sense of vintage class to this guitar. Custom DiMarzio THBB pickups give the versatility needed for the contemporary sound of Polyphia, giving you bridge-position humbucking power, alongside the nuance of the middle- and neck-position, covered single-coils.

Marco Sfogli

Ibanez 2019 New Releases

The MSM100 is the signature guitar for instrumental guitar-wizard and James LaBrie guitarist, Marco Sfogli. Using the forward-looking Ibanez AZ as a platform, the MSM100 adds a stunning AAA flame maple top on an alder body, finished in Fabula Green Burst. Mounted to this classy instrument is a pair of DiMarzio humbuckers (Air Norton / The Tone Zone) for the tonal versatility that Marco requires in the rock/metal/fusion genres.

More Signature Guitars

Luke Hoskin

Ibanez 2019 New Releases

As guitarist for Protest the Hero, Luke Hoskin needs a guitar to deliver complex, melodic lines and thrash style riffs. His LHM1 signature guitar is built on an RG foundation and guarantees effortless playability with supreme tonal clarity, courtesy of the 3pc Wizard neck and Fishman Fluence modern pickups. A transparent Green Gradation finish is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

Jake Bowen

Ibanez 2019 New Releases

The band Periphery holds nothing back with its sound, and the JBM10FX signature guitar is built for Jake Bowen to deliver a powerful performance, night after night. The JBM10FX is based on the RGD series, built to offer the most powerful tones and rock-solid stability. This new model is finished in Pearl White Matte with contrasting gold hardware, offering a fresh look for 2019. DiMarzio Titan humbuckers guarantee the most uncompromising sounds.

Joe Satriani

Ibanez 2019 New Releases

Based on the iconic "Chrome Boy" guitar from 2018, which itself celebrated 30 years of the collaboration between Joe Satriani and Ibanez, the new JS1CR is a signature guitar for one of the most celebrated guitarists in the instrumental genre. The JS1CR features all the custom appointments required by Satriani: a SUSTAINIAC Driver neck pickup for infinite sustain, super-stable and reliable Edge tremolo bridge, DiMarzio Satchr8 bridge humbucker, 24 medium frets on a rosewood fingerboard, alder body, and a custom specified JS 3pc neck.

Steve Vai

Ibanez 2019 New Releases

The new-for-2019 JEM7VP is a 7-string version of this iconic signature instrument. Everything else on the guitar is pure Steve Vai: DiMarzio Evolution pickups, Tree of Life inlay on ebony fingerboard, Lions's Claw tremolo routing, Monkey Grip handle, gold hardware, and super-stable Edge tremolo bridge for the most extreme whammy bar antics.

Paul Gilbert

Ibanez 2019 New Releases

An affordable and super-compact recreation of Paul Gilbert's first signature guitar with Ibanez! With faux f-holes, reverse headstock, and powerful humbuckers, the Ibanez PGMM21 Paul Gilbert miKro is perfect for aspiring shredders. Don't let the compact size fool you, this guitar features a full 24 frets and fast-playing neck for the most ambitious players.

Andy Timmons

Ibanez 2019 New Releases

This signature model inspired the modern trend in fusing the specification of a high-tech shredder guitar with the classic aesthetics of a vintage instrument. Standout features of the ATZ100 include DiMarzio The Cruiser pickups, hard-wearing  jumbo stainless steel frets with smooth Prestige fret edge treatment, Wilkinson-Gotoh VSVG bridge, roasted maple neck, and a vintage-inspired Sunburst Flat finish.

AR / ART Series

At the more traditional end of Ibanez's 2019 lineup comes the AR and ART series.


Ibanez AR325QA, Dark Brown Sunburst

Based on one of Ibanez's classic solid body designs, the Artist, the AR325QA features all the appointments that made this guitar so popular in its time and make it so collectible today. A stunning quilted ash top is mounted to an okoume body (similar to mahogany in nature), with a set-in neck for thick tones with huge sustain. Ibanez Super 58 pickups are supplied, just like on the original guitar, giving a classic growl and bite for vintage blues and rock. Tri-Sound switching is accessible via mini toggle switches for a huge range of tonal versatility. An Ibanez ART-1 bridge is fitted alongside a Quik Change Classic tailpiece, giving an instantly recognisable nod to the original Artist.

ART120QA and ART120

Ibanez ART120QA Traditional, Transparent Black Sunburst

Showing that Ibanez can just as easily create a classic guitar, the single-cutaway ART120 instruments bring a contemporary edge to blues and rock players. Poplar bodies give a fat tone, while the quilted maple Art Grain top of the ART120QA lends a classy design touch which belies the affordability of this guitar.

Hollow Bodies

AS Series

The AS series is Ibanez's classic semi-hollow guitar range. Dual vintage-voiced humbuckers give the nuance required to bring out the all airiness and open sounds inherent in the chambered body design. This year is all about new finishes, and the AS Series is now available in more colours than ever. In particular, the affordable AS63 is now available in 4 new striking varieties.


Ibanez 2019 New Releases

An all-zebrawood body construction for standout good looks! Classic Ibanez Super 58 humbuckers give the most authentic vintage sound in the Ibanez line.


Ibanez AS73FM Artcore, Azure Blue Gradation
Ibanez ASV73 Artcore Vintage, Violin Sunburst

AS73FM Artcore, Azure Blue Gradation - a flamed maple top and transparent Gradation finish for a stunning, classy yet modern aesthetic. Classic Elite humbuckers for a vintage-voiced sound. The ASV73 Artcore Vintage features antique chrome hardware and a selection of Burst Low Gloss finishes for a real vintage aesthetic. The Classic Elite humbuckers enhance the vintage appeal of this guitar with a range of nuanced tones.

AS63 Artcore Vibrante

A new range of colourful and affordable semi-hollow guitars from Ibanez!

AS63T Artcore Vibrante w/ Bigsby B70

AS63T Artcore Vibrante w/ Bigsby B70 - a Bigsby B70 tremolo gives a classic look to this guitar along with the iconic sounds of subtle vibrato on single notes and chords. Infinity humbuckers give versatile sounds, while the all-sapele body provides a bright and airy tone. Also available without tremolo (AS63) in four different pastel colours.

Ibanez AS63 Artcore Vibrante, Mint Blue
Ibanez AS63 Artcore Vibrante, Twilight Orange


Ibanez 2019 New Releases

The AFV75 is Ibanez's large hollowbody guitar, designed to create smooth jazz and blues tones. This 2019 model features a Vintage Amber Burst Low Gloss finish and Antique Chrome hardware for the authentic look of a decades-old instrument - just without the life's worth of gigging damage. An all-linden body construction with set-in neck is built for bright, airy, and resonant sounds, enhanced by the vintage-voiced Classic Elite humbuckers.


Ibanez 2019 New Releases

The AM93ME is a semi-hollow guitar with a modern outline from its distinct double cutaway design. This new-for-2019 model features an all-Macassar Ebony body, finished in a natural gloss to show off the beauty of the grain. Contrasted beautifully by gold hardware, body/fingerboard binding, and tortoiseshell pickguard, this guitar exudes class. Ibanez Super 58 pickups give the classy tone to match the aesthetic of this instrument, and the result is a stunning guitar that is perfect for blues, rock, soul, jazz, and much more.   

Ibanez 2019 New Releases

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Posted on 3 Jan 2019 09:12 to category : Instruments News

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