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NAMM 2019 | Ibanez Affirma Bass Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, and More

Ibanez 2019 Acoustic Guitar Bass Guitar
Ibanez 2019 Acoustic Guitar Bass Guitar

NAMM 2019 | Ibanez Affirma Bass Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, and More

Ibanez reissues the Affirma series for 2019, alongside a range of new bass and acoustic guitar models. Find out what's new before Winter NAMM 2019!

Ibanez 2019 New Releases

In anticipation of the Winter NAMM 2019 trade show, Ibanez has unveiled its latest bass and acoustic guitars, including a reissue of the Affirma bass guitar series.

Read on to find out more, or view the complete range of NAMM 2019 guitars released so far. For an overview of the latest Ibanez electric guitars, read our article, NAMM 2019 | Ibanez Electric Guitars.

Ibanez Affirma 2019 Bass Guitar Series

Announced in early 2018, the Ibanez Affirma bass guitar series is finally here! And when we say finally, we really mean once again, because the 2019 Affirma series is actually a reissue of the original Affirma bass guitars from the '90s.

The Affirma series was the result of a collaboration between Ibanez and Swiss designer Ralf Spuler.  Spuler "always questions the status quo", says Ibanez, and he "tries to find new designs that make it easier for musicians to play their instruments."

Ibanez AFR4WAP Affirma Premium Bass, Natural Flat
Ibanez AFR4FMP Affirma Premium Bass, Natural Flat

This design input is made clear from the unique look of these instruments. An incredibly contoured body and "half neck-through" joint offers incredible player comfort and unhindered access right across the fingerboard, with two graphite rods included for added stability.

Each guitar is loaded with an AeroSilk MR5 bridge pickup alongside a Bartolini split coil pickup, giving you access to both 'acoustic' and electric bass guitar tones. On-board electronics provide a range of tone-shaping options.

Ibanez AFR5WAP Affirma Premium 5-String Bass, Natural Flat
Ibanez AFR5FMP Affirma Premium 5-String Bass, Natural Flat

The Affirma series will be produced in Indonesia, unlike the original Japanese-crafted basses, offering great value for players with a very high-spec (almost boutique-style) design.

A range of models are available with various combinations of walnut and maple bodies, all coated in a natural flat finish to show off the beauty of the tonewoods. Ebony fingerboards and 24 Premium fret edge-treated frets provide a smooth playing surface for the left hand.  

Ibanez Mezzo 2019 Bass Guitars

The new Ibanez Mezzo series offers a short scale-length playing experience in a very wide range of colours. The 32" neck is shorter than the general Ibanez SR models, but the Mezzo still delivers a powerful low end.

Ibanez 2019 New Releases
Ibanez SRMD200 Mezzo Bass, Sea Foam Pearl Green

Dual Dynamix pickups (P neck and J bridge) are wired up with an onboard Ibanez Custom Electronics 2-band EQ for plenty of tone-sculpting potential. Between the SRMD200 (pearloid scratchplate) and the SRMD200K (black scratchplate) there are a total of six colour combinations, satisfying any preference in this highly versatile and comfortable bass guitar range.

Ibanez SR 2019 Bass Guitars

The SR series is a core staple of the Ibanez family, and the new SR models for 2019 show off a range of stunning natural finishes.  Known for its slender body design, the SR series provides comfort in spades and these new models are sure to stand out from the crowd with their natural finishes.

SR2000 Premium Range

Ibanez SR2405W Premium 5-String Bass, Brown Topaz Burst
Ibanez 2019 New Releases

From the Indonesian-made Premium range of SR bass guitars comes two new premium 5-string instruments offering serious bang for the buck. The SR2400 and SR2450W are crated with stunning figured maple & panga panga tops, mounted on highly resonant & lightweight African mahogany bodies. Each guitar is available with a striking low-gloss finish to show off the natural beauty of the tonewoods.  

Both guitar models feature Aguilar Super Double pickups and an Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-Band EQ for incredible tonal versatility. Pro-level tuning stability and sustain is guaranteed by Graph Tech nuts and the MR5S "Mono Rail" bridge.

SR500 Series

Ibanez SR505E 5-String Bass, Brown Mahogany
Ibanez SR500E Bass, Surreal Black Dual Fade

In the affordable SR500 series are three new models, covering 4-, 5- and 6-string instruments. As well as the ease-of-playability inherent in the SR series, standout features of this range include highly musical Bartolini pickups, a versatile onboard 3-band EQ with 3-way mid-frequency switch, warm & resonant okoume bodies, and some stunning natural finishes (we particularly like the SR505E in Surreal Black Dual Fade).

SR600 Series

Ibanez SR655E 5-String Bass, Antique Brown Sunburst

The 2019 SR600 series features two new models - the 5-string SR655E and the 4-string SR650E. Each instrument is crafted with an ash body, mounted with Nordstrand CND P and J pickups, offering a classic combination of tones reminiscent of more traditional bass guitars.

Onboard electronics provides the modern-day versatility required by contemporary players, while the natural finishes (burst and stained) show off the beauty of the tonewoods underneath.

More Ibanez 2019 Bass Guitars

BTB Series

Ibanez BTB20TH6 20th Anniversary 6-String Bass, Brown Topaz Burst

Two new BTB models for 2019 are here to show off even more stunning finishes in the Ibanez family. The 5-string BTB20TH5 is finished in Blue Reed Gradation Low Gloss, while the 6-string BTB20TH6 has a lovely Brown Topaz Burst Low Gloss. Standout features of the boutique-style 2019 BTB range include Nordstrand pickups with an onboard 3-band EQ, flamed maple tops with ash/okoume wing bodies, durable stainless-steel frets, and a highly-figured panga panga fingerboard.


Ibanez AGB260 Artcore Vibrante Bass, Sea Foam Green

Showing that Ibanez can just as easily craft a traditionally-inspired bass guitar, the AGB260 exudes style with its semi-hollow, Sea Foam Green design. Matching the 2019 release of the Ibanez Artcore Vibrante guitars, this semi-hollow bass promises a classic sound with its Classic Elite pickups and all-sapele body.

Ibanez 2019 Acoustic Guitars


Ibanez 2019 Acoustic Guitars New Releases

Featuring a fusion of acoustic guitar body with electric guitar neck, the spruce-topped Altstar electo-acoustic guitar is built to get you noticed. If you're looking to break with tradition and stand out from the crowd, this guitar breaks the mould. Available in a wide range of colours, the Altstar is the ideal electro-acoustic guitar for electric players looking to transfer to an acoustic instrument.


Ibanez 2019 New Releases

The popular AEWC10 offers easy playability and a wide range of colours for 2019. The notable lower bout of the guitar offers easy access to the top frets, giving you a comfortable playing experience across the fingerboard. This spruce-topped guitar features on-board electronics, making it the ideal gigging acoustic guitar.

AEG Acoustic Bass Guitar

Ibanez 2019 New Releases

The AEG acoustic bass is a parlour-sized instrument, offering an effortless playing experience and manageable proportions for smaller hands. Standout features include a solid sitka spruce top, traditional X-bracing, okoume baack and sides, bone nut, chrome die-cast tuners, and an on-board Fishman Sonicore pickup with Ibanez preamp; perfect for getting plugged-in on stage and in the studio.

While parlour-sized acoustic guitar have become all the rage, this compact bass model brings the unique diminutive body style to bassists - ideal for singer songwriters, younger players, or anyone wanting a more compact and comfortable playing feel with the unique acoustic sound.

Ibanez 2019 New Releases

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Posted on 3 Jan 2019 14:25 to category : Instruments News

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