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NAMM 2019 | IK Multimedia AXE I/O Offers "Best in Class Guitar Tone" for Computer Musicians

IK Multimedia Axe I/O Audio Interface
IK Multimedia Axe I/O Audio Interface

The new-for-2019 IK Multimedia fuses a premium audio interface with advanced guitar tones. The result is "the audio interface guitar players were waiting for."

IK Multimedia AXE IO

IK Multimedia has an esteemed reputation for premium studio software, virtual instruments, guitar modelling software, compact audio interfaces, and more. While its previous line of audio interfaces have all been compact devices, designed to get musicians connected to mobile devices and computers, the new IK Multimedia Axe I/O is a fully-featured 2-in/5-out audio interface.

With a fusion of IK Multimedia's hardware expertise and digital guitar-rig know-how, the AXE I/O offers both high-end sound and "best-in-class guitar tone." As IK Multimedia says, this new audio interface is "designed specifically with the needs of recording guitarists in mind… aimed squarely at making your recordings faster, easier and better than ever."

Guitar Specific Interface

To meet the needs of guitarists and bassists, the ideal audio interface needs to respond to the variable impedances inherent in the way pickups generate tone. As such, the AXE I/O features a fully discrete input circuit with PURE and JFET input stages for the most reactive response possible. Whereas PURE creates a completely natural preamp sound, JFET is designed to add subtle harmonic enhancement and a midrange warmth.

A patent-pending Z-Tone circuit adapts to your instrument's signal, giving you a natural response and huge dynamic range - just as if you were playing through a real amp.

IK Multimedia AXE IO

An incredible 117db dynamic range, 3 Hz - 32 kHz frequency response, and up to 1 MOhm impedence give you the most responsive feel possible, helping to bring out all the nuances of your playing and your instrument.

A dedicated Amp Out also lets you re-amp to real guitar amps and gear with low noise, a ground lift, and without the need for external accessories.

Premium Software

IK Multimedia AXE IO

A digital modelling rig is only as strong as its software, and the AXE I/O doesn't disappoint with its included AmpliTube 4 Deluxe and T-RackS 5 processors, totalling over $1000 in value!

Featuring super-accurate models of amps, effects, pedals, mics, and more, AmpliTube4 Deluxe really is a complete guitar rig in a box. The software has been adapted to work seamlessly with the AXE I/O interface, meaning you can interact with the on-board controls, just as if you were using a real amp, and even plug in external MIDI controllers or control switches/pedals.

IK Multimedia AXE IO

AXE I/O also comes complete with 10 T-RackS 5 processors, giving you a great start to your studio software collection with a world-class collection of premium outboard gear emulations.

Studio Functionality

IK Multimedia AXE IO

The AXE I/O features two PURE mic preamps designed for transparent recording. A 116 dB dynamic range and 5 kHz - 32 kHz frequency response ensures accurate recording of even the quietest instruments, with an ability to pull back the gain and capture loud amplifiers and drums.

A multitude of connections and the included control panel software allow you to route audio in many different ways, with 4 line outputs, headphone out, and dedicated AMP OUT.

A Studio Guitarist's Dream

If you're a musician working from home or in the studio, the AXE I/O is the ultimate audio interface to cover your requirements. The included software gives you a complete rig-in-a-box, while the external connectivity allows you to work with external gear when required. The premium preamps and A/D converters ensure you'll not only capture the sound of your instrument, but also the feel of playing through real gear. As IK Multimedia says, this is "the audio interface guitar players were waiting for."  

IK Multimedia AXE IO

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Posted on 17 Jan 2019 15:53 to category : Instruments News

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