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NAMM 2019 | Fender Launches the Alternate Reality Series

Fender Alternate Reality Electric Guitars 2019
Fender Alternate Reality Electric Guitars 2019

The Fender Alternate Reality series is a collection of 4 electric guitars based on the limited-edition Parallel Universe range from 2018. Fender asks the question, "what if...?"

Fender Alternate Reality Series

Following the success of the 2018 Parallel Universe series, Fender has revealed the limited-edition Alternate Reality range, debuting at Winter NAMM 2019.

With 4 new guitars in the pipeline, the Fender Alternate Reality series is a chance for Fender to create some truly unique instruments. Taking recognisable parts and designs from across the Fender family, this left-field series is a chance for Fender to question how its guitars may have evolved in an alternative reality - as their name implies.

Notable guitars include the re-release of the popular Meteora body shape with a HH pickup configuration, the 12-string Electric XII with distinct split-coil pickups, and the versatile Sixty-Six which blends elements of the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazz Bass, and more!

Fender Alternate Reality Powercaster

Fender PowerCaster PF, White Opal

The new-for-2019 Fender Alternate Reality Powercaster borrows its cool, offset body design and its comfortable, short scale length neck from the Jazzmaster; but that's where the differences end.

Mixing the giant sound of a bridge-position Atomic humbucker with the clear vintage voice of a neck-position P90 single-coil, the Powercaster is designed with ultimate versatility in mind. A roasted maple neck gives supreme player comfort and enhanced resonance, while the classic alder body provides the familiar Fender brightness.

With a comfortable playability courtesy of the 24.5" scale length, rock-solid tuning stability with fixed Adjusto-matic bridge, and a highly versatile pickup combination, the Powercaster truly is a guitar that could have evolved in an alternate reality.

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Fender Alternate Reality Sixty-Six

Fender Sixty-Six MN, Daphne Blue
Fender Sixty-Six MN, Natural

The Sixty-Six is built to make a bold statement with its downsized Fender Jazz Bass body. Borrowing its pickups from the 2018 Player Series, the Sixty-Six features a fat-sounding Player Series humbucker in the bridge with two snarling Player Series Single Coils in the neck and middle positions. Wired with a 5-way switch, this pickup combination blends the best tonal elements of a hot-rodded Stratocaster and a spanky Telecaster.

A 9.5" radius and Modern C profile gives this guitar a comfortable playability for almost any playing style, while the 6-saddle vintage-style synchronized tremolo gives stable and reliable whammy bar action.

Shop Now | Fender Sixty-Six MN, Natural

Fender Alternate Reality Electric XII

Fender Electric XII 12-String PF, Lake Placid Blue

Joining a small number of Fender electric 12-string guitars, the Electric XII is built to provide the jangly sound of 12 strings for the studio and the stage. Based on the original Electric XII from 1965, the new-for-2019 Alternate Reality Electric VII has a distinct offset body and unique headstock.

Key to this guitar's style and sound are the special split-coil pickups and the unique 12-string bridge which features individual adjustable saddles for every string, providing perfect intonation! This guitar is sure to get you noticed, both sonically and aesthetically.

Shop Now | Fender Electric XII 12-string PF Lake Placid Blue

Fender Alternate Reality Meteora HH

Fender Meteora HH PF, Candy Apple Red

The sleek Meteora body shape - introduced last year - has made another appearance in the new-for-2019 Alternate Reality Meteora HH. Loaded with two humbucker pickups (borrowed from the player series), this guitar is built to rock! As Fender says, "it wants to roar on stage."

The Meteora is specified for a fast playing feel, courtesy of its 12"-radius fingerboard and "Modern C"-shaped neck profile. Enhanced versatility is provided with a push-pull tone control, letting you split the coils for classic Fender single-coil tones. Fender has also included another electronic trick in the form of a push-push button which switches the volume controls, so you can easily do volume swells using either pickup.

"A brave new entry with one foot in our past and eyes to our future, the Meteora HH is the newest way to explore your creative limits."

Shop Now | Fender Meteora HH PF, Candy Apple Red

Fender Alternate Reality Series

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By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 24 Jan 2019 12:28 to category : Instruments News

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