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NAMM 2018: TC Electronic Releases 4 New Highly Affordable Guitar FX Pedals

NAMM 2018: TC Electronic Releases 4 New Highly Affordable Guitar FX Pedals
NAMM 2018: TC Electronic Releases 4 New Highly Affordable Guitar FX Pedals

TC Electronic has released 4 new affordable compact guitar FX pedals for 2018, including 2 new reverbs, tape delay, and a rotary speaker simulator

TC Electronic has announced 4 brand new pedals for release in 2018 – the TC Electronic Vibraclone Rotary Emulator, TC Electronic Gauss Tape Echo, TC Electronic Fluorescence Shimmer Reverb, and the TC Electronic Drip Spring Reverb. These pedals represent excellent value for money and deliver high-quality tones and construction at a truly excellent price-point.

The recent release of the TC Electronic Tube Pilot Overdrive Pedal showed that a tube overdrive pedal could be produced at a fantastic price. TC Electronic has continued this high-quality/value-for-money pedal format with its 4 new devices for the start of 2018. Each pedal includes a "built-like-a-tank" metal chassis, true bypass, simple interface, and they are all designed and manufactured in Denmark. If you need a simple, affordable and high-quality guitar effects pedal, these new units would be a welcome addition to your collection.

The TC Electronic Vibraclone Rotary Emulator is an analogue recreation of the classic Vibrotone Rotating Speaker. Its simple 2-knob interface offers control over speed and drive, while the toggle switch allows you to choose between vintage-sounding Chorale or a Tremolo setting.

The TC Electronic Gauss Tape Echo delivers an analogue sounding delay which recreates the saturated nuances of tape echo machines - where a rotating magnetic tape was used to simultaneously record and playback a signal at varying delay lengths. Its simple 3-knob interface offers control over delay time, sustain and volume. The mod switch lets you convert the signal to a warm tape echo sound, with its distinct modulations and warbles.

The TC Electronic Fluorescence Shimmer Reverb provides an 'expensive-sounding' shimmer reverb effect, once again at an excellent price-point. The shimmer reverb adds flutters of pitch-shifted upper-octave notes on top of your signal and is often compared to the sound of a choir. The 4-knobs let you control the mix and tone of the effect, alongside independent level control of the reverb and shimmer effect. In TC Electronics' words, the Fluorescence pedal "sends you straight to shoegaze heaven".

The TC Electronic Drip Spring Reverb is an emulation of a classic amplifier spring reverb effect, where a coiled spring had a signal passed through it to generate a distinct ambient sound heard on countless records. This vintage-style pedal has 3 powerful controls over Dwell, Mix and Tone. The Drip Spring Reverb is an affordable way of adding a quality reverb tone to your amplifier or FX loop.

These pedals offer quality tones and construction at a highly affordable price – they provide just enough control over their respective effect sounds to give you a simple to use platform for modifying your tone. If you're looking for the bargain of 2018, these pedals should be high on your check list.

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By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 9 Jan 2018 13:41 to category : Instruments News

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