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NAMM 2018: TAMA Launches SLP Drum Kits - Find Your Own Sound

TAMA Launches SLP Drum Kits - Find Your Own Sound
TAMA Launches SLP Drum Kits - Find Your Own Sound

Tama has launched a new full range of SLP Drum Kits; following on from the popular SLP Snare Drum Series. These new 'Sound Lab Project' kits feature a range of shell materials, hoop designs, and lug types, to create different tonal signatures.

The original SLP Snare Drums were made to help drummers find their ideal sound, and were crafted with different specifications to make a versatile range of drums.

The new SLP Drum Kits follow the same design brief. Tama has expanded its specifications to incorporate the full complement of drums; built for many different applications and styles of music.

" At some point in the musical journey, the player will embark on a search for the perfect drum to enhance their sound. With that player in mind, we created the S.L.P. series." - Tama

Studio Maple

The Tama SLP Studio Maple 22'' 5pc Shell Pack is a vintage-inspired kit with a warm, woody tone, and clear attack. When Tama released the SLP Studio Maple Snare, they realised that it had a very versatile sound-range and could cover many genres with ease.

Rhythm Magazine said, "The Classic is a truly 'classic' sounding wooden snare that seems to respond to all levels of tuning - it's capable of rocking it up or simply taking a laid-back approach and playing some tasty jazz."

The Studio Maple kit has a wonderful vintage look with its 22mm thick maple hoops and 6-ply maple shells. Tama states that this kit is great for live performance, but even better for use in the studio; when you're seeking a warm sound with controlled resonance.

This kit has a clever "Direct Flexi-Mount" system that has two parts to the tom-mounting hardware; each tom has a plate and separate mount hinged together allowing some horizontal movement. This creates enhanced resonance with more freedom of movement, giving a more transparent sound.

Dynamic Kapur

The Tama SLP Dynamic Kapur 22'' 4pc Shell Pack is made from kapur; the kit's 6-ply shells provide an open sound with great projection and fat tonality. Tama say this kit is well-balanced and suitable for a variety of genres.

The SLP Dynamic Kapur kit has "Hyper-Drive" toms, with a short depth for enhanced attack and punchy sound. They can also be mounted lower than other toms for easier playability. The mounting is Tama's "Star Mount System" for 4-point support and enhanced resonance.  


The Tama SLP G-Bubinga 22'' 6pc Shell Pack, Quilted Bubinga kit is based on the best-selling bubinga SLP snare drum and has 12-ply shells. The thickness of the centre material has been altered based on harmonic overtone characteristics, and is designed to give this kit an exceptionally balanced sound. The quilted wood also looks very classy and will certainly turn heads.

Fat Spruce

The Tama SLP Fat Spruce 20'' 3pc Shell Pack uses a rare 100% spruce construction and has [in this writer's humble opinion] a stunning aesthetic, with its natural wood grain clearly evident. The kit is designed to have a fat and resonant sound, with solid mids and a natural pure tone.

Tama states that "The drums sound great tuned up high for jazz, but also perform well at low to medium tension, optimal for R&B, Blues, Indie Rock and Ballads."

This kit has zinc die-cast hoops for increased density. This has a more consisted shape and offers a crisper attack with powerful rim shots.

Sound Lab Project

Whatever your sound and preferred style, Tama should have an SLP kit that fits your needs. The SLP snares were highly regarded and these new kits look set to be just as popular. The SLP kits come from a prestigious company with over 40 years' heritage, so you know you'll be getting a professional range of equipment.

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By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 12 Jan 2018 12:23 to category : Instruments News

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