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NAMM 2018: Seagull Acoustic Guitars - The Affordable S6 Series, Entourage and Maritime Range

NAMM 2018: Seagull Acoustic Guitars - The Affordable S6 Series, Entourage and Maritime Range
NAMM 2018: Seagull Acoustic Guitars - The Affordable S6 Series, Entourage and Maritime Range

Seagull Guitars has released its 2018 guitar line-up in anticipation of the upcoming NAMM 2018 trade show. This includes the stripped-back Seagull S6 range of acoustic guitars, for the guitarist who seeks true quality without the unnecessary add-ons.

Seagull released the S6 Original Acoustic Guitar to give players a stripped-back slim dreadnought guitar with solid tonewoods at an unbelievable price point. The new 2018 S6 guitars build on the success of this original instrument, and deliver some unique tonewood combinations for a wonderful tonality without the expensive gloss finishes and ornate decorations.

The 2018 S6 Acoustic Guitar in Natural finish takes a semi-gloss finished wild cherry body and tops it with solid cedar, giving a warm hue and bright tonality. The dreadnought shape delivers a full frequency response and the classic Seagull headstock lends this guitar a distinct aesthetic and tone that falls between the mellow warmth of mahogany and the bright-sizzle of maple.

The combination of tonewoods provides the S6 Acoustic with a rich, well-rounded and balanced tonality that is bright but still maintains plenty of warmth. This guitar is also available as a left handed model - S6 Acoustic Guitar Left Handed - giving lefties a piece of this true value-for-money playability.

Seagull guitars has also developed its Entourage range, including 4 new models in the elegant Autumn Burst finish. These guitars are constructed from the same wild cherry and solid spruce tops, but feature silver leaf maple necks. Some of the guitars also include a Godin QIT pickup/preamp system for amplified use on stage.

The Entourage is available as a Dreadnought - Seagull Entourage Acoustic Guitar, Autumn Burst, Auditorium - Seagull Entourage Concert Hall CW Electro Acoustic, Autumn Burst, a dreadnought cutaway Seagull Entourage CW QIT Electro Acoustic, Autumn Burst, and as a standard dreadnought electro - Seagull Entourage QIT Electro Acoustic, Autumn Burst ensuring that, no matter what shape guitar you prefer, Seagull has an Entourage for you.

Seagull also has a parlour-sized Entourage Grand Natural Electro Acoustic, and Entourage Grand Natural Acoustic Guitar, Almond, perfect for delta blues. This size of guitar is also popular with singer-songwriters of the 'Ed Sheeran' variety.

Finally, the Seagull Maritime SWS Semi Gloss QIT Electro Acoustic Guitar offers a mahogany semi-gloss body with mahogany neck and new - CITES friendly - Richlite fingerboard. This dreadnought sits above the S6 range and gives a high-quality tonality from its mahogany construction. Richlite is a revolutionary material that is becoming more common as rosewood (among other woods) becomes harder to source due to environmental concerns. Richlite is a composite material that actually has more stability and consistency than the woods that it replaces.

Seagull guitars are made in Canada and designed to be part of a sustainable build-process, with the facilities being powered by hydro-electricity and the guitars being constructed from reclaimed and responsibly sourced woods. Since 1982, Seagull has aimed to produce guitars with the feel and sound of a hand-made instrument, but without the daunting price tag.

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By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 22 Dec 2017 15:49 to category : Instruments News

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