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NAMM 2018: SJC Drums Heirloom Kit plus the Alpha / Armada Snares

NAMM 2018: SJC Drums Heirloom Kit plus the Alpha / Armada Snares
NAMM 2018: SJC Drums Heirloom Kit plus the Alpha / Armada Snares

SJC Drums is starting 2018 with some new releases for Winter NAMM. Here we'll take a closer look at the new Heirloom Kit and the Alpha/Armada Snare drums.

Heirloom Kit

New for 2018, the SJC Drums Heirloom Shell Pack is designed to give the impression that it's come "Straight out of your grandparents’ basement". It is the perfect blend of vintage and modern, and pays homage to the classic drum kits of a by-gone era.

SJC Heirloom shells are constructed from a 6-ply hybrid of mahogany, poplar and maple. They develop a warm and vintage tone, as if you've owned them for decades. The shells are finished in a "Custard Yellow" finish [what a great name!] that will subtly stand out as something unique on stage.

The SJC Heirloom shells have a vintage round over edge so they deliver a full, punchy attack. This edge is preferred for vintage kits, but is utilised by many different modern SJC players - the increased head-skin contact makes for a warmer tone. The toms have shallower depths than traditional to enhance their responsiveness. All the kick hoops are finished in zebrawood for a lovely classic aesthetic. Evans heads are also supplied all-round for a reliable response.

These kits have a real "old-school" look; in SJC's own words, "you’ll feel as though you’re back in time playing timeless grooves with an SJC edge!" We're always looking back to the past to see how vintage kits created those great drum sounds, and now SJC has brought those classic designs back to the future.

Armada and Alpha Snare Drums

SJC has a great collection of snare drums in its range. Here at Gear4music, we have a wide collection of SJC Snare Drums to choose from, including some stunning custom designs.

This year, SJC has released the Alpha 14 x 6.5 Aluminium Snare Drum which is perfect for the discerning drummer on a budget. This snare is handcrafted by a team of professionals in Taiwan, and features the iconic SJC drums logo sitting proudly on the shell. Aluminium is a great material which creates a penetrating sound that is crisp and dry. It has less sustain than steel and brass, making a sound that is easier to control. If you're looking to get a great-value piece of SJC quality and expertise, this is the snare for you.

At the other end of the spectrum, the SJC Drums Armada 14 x 7 Titanium Snare Drum promises to be a little power house! Titanium is a similar light weight metal to aluminium but delivers more volume and a more focussed sound. Your audience definitely won't miss your back-beat!

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By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 25 Jan 2018 18:01 to category : Instruments News

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