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NAMM 2018: Mooer Releases 3 New Guitar Micro Preamp Pedals

NAMM 2018: Mooer Releases 3 New Guitar Micro Preamp Pedals
NAMM 2018: Mooer Releases 3 New Guitar Micro Preamp Pedals

Mooer has added to its line of guitar micro preamp pedals with some new 'gainy' overdrives and amp-inspired sounds

NAMM 2018 Guitar Pedals has been a fruitful category this year, and Mooer has not disappointed with its offering of three new Micro Preamp Pedals. We saw the introduction of the Micro Preamps last year, and these new models offer high gain sounds reminiscent of some of our favourite guitar amplifiers.

Each pedal has the option of using cabinet emulation, so you can easily get a direct sound to front-of-house or to a recording device. Alternatively, you can plug the pedal directly into the front-end or the FX-loop return of an amplifier for an instant tonal change to your setup; as if you'd plugged into a completely different amplifier.

The Mooer Micro Preamp 011 Cali -Dual Pedal is a new dual channel preamp that provides a "Cali" inspired overdrive flavour; we reckon the treadplate front is a strong hint at where this pedal gets its tonal cues - think high-gain American-style tones that really make you want to Boogie... This pedal has 2 different modes letting you select between on/off or channel A/channel B.

The Mooer Micro Preamp 012 Fried-Mien Pedal promises British-style overdrive tones in abundance, with dual channel operation and a real tube-amp feel.

The Mooer Micro Preamp 013 Match Box Pedal is another dual-channel preamp pedal, this time taking its tonal inspiration from the USA and the EL84 power amp tube. This overdrive has complex and rich harmonics, whether mildly overdriven or when pumping some serious saturation.

We know we said three preamp pedals, but the Mooer Audiofile Headphone Amplifier is a pedal-shaped headphone amp/preamp, so really that number could be four, at a push. The Pedal Headphone Amplifier is specifically designed for use with the range of Mooer pedals, and features Class A amplification delivering a crystal-clear sound with purity, warmth and a high level of dynamics. If you want to use the Headphone Amp with your standard pedals, it includes a switchable analog speaker cabinet simulation; ideal for silent practice when you don’t want to plug in your amp but you still want the sound of your pedalboard.

We recently announced the excellent-value Mooer GE 200 Multi Effects Pedal, and these new preamp pedals offer even more value. The new pedals let you add a completely different sound to your current setup, almost like buying a brand-new amplifier. The only question is, which overdrive sound is your setup missing?


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NAMM is back for 2019! For all the latest product news please head over to NAMM 2019.

By Matt Wilkinson


Posted on 26 Jan 2018 13:44 to category : Instruments News

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