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NAMM 2018: Korg KONNECT Portable Stereo PA System Gets You Connected

Korg KONNECT Portable Stereo PA System Gets You Connected
Korg KONNECT Portable Stereo PA System Gets You Connected

The new Korg KONNECT portable stereo PA system provides a compact solution to getting you heard - with wireless App control, Bluetooth connectivity and 4 channels with effects

Korg KONNECT is a new portable stereo speaker system that aims to provide high-quality sound reproduction with multiple inputs; all from a device that you can carry in one hand to the gig. It has been created for many uses including intimate gigs, background music, DJs, parties, dance studios, exhibitions, seminars, presentations: anywhere you need a portable and quality sound solution. The KONNECT delivers 180 watts of power with a 6.5'' woofer and two tweeters for crisp stereo separation.

The KONNECT speaker has 4 channels enabling different inputs, along with Bluetooth connectivity and a powerful KONNECT App for smartphone/tablet control. It can also be used for wireless music playback like a traditional Bluetooth speaker, albeit one with a powerful amplifier and full frequency response.

The all-in-one design combines a mixer, power amp, speakers, multi-effect unit, and feedback canceller into a single unit. As Korg say, "This eliminates many of the inconveniences of using a conventional PA system, such as the difficulty of transportation, the need to provide speaker cables, the difficulty of finding the best location for the speakers, or the need to find a partner to help you set up."

The KONNECT delivers high-quality sound through its excellent design, with "playback capability that covers the full range from high to low, and power far beyond its size." Over recent years we've seen a plethora of Bluetooth speakers - some with bafflingly tiny proportions - that can create a surprisingly huge sound; so we’ve no doubt that the KONNECT will deliver a powerful projection, what with Korg's experience in producing high tech gear and premium Digital Audio Converters.

This power and Bluetooth capability will make the KONNECT a louder-than-average speaker for music-playback, making it ideal for dance studios and for background music in venues. However, this functionality only scratches the surface of what the KONNECT can achieve. It has multiple inputs that allows you to blend sound sources together - including XLR, Line-In, and a stereo-in (on channels 3 and 4). This makes it a handy portable PA system for musicians and singers, or a personal monitor for theater musicians and studios. 

For musicians, the KONNECT includes on-board FX while each channel is also equipped with EQ, pan, mute & solo, and phase switch. This is all powered via a high-quality SHARC DSP with 32-bit digital processing for a premium sound. The unit is easy to set up on its own, and can be adjusted in more detail via the KONNECT App which enhances the user experience for those who like more control. Using the app allows you to adjust the reverb settings individually for each channel, and it also lets you add three types of effects (compressor, chorus, delay) to each channel. Mixer settings can be saved in "Scenes" for an instant sound recall, while "Voicing" settings control EQ presets for many different instruments.

The KONNECT can be mounted on a speaker pole for true professional performance, and its sleek aesthetic will give your performance a classy appearance. The mobile mixer functionality and wireless Bluetooth connectivity, along with multiple inputs, FX and feedback suppressor; makes the Korg KONNECT a very powerful little PA system that will be the ideal solution for many different applications. If you like the idea of an all-in-one unit, we can definitely recommend the new KONNECT from Korg.

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By Matt Wilkinson



Posted on 18 Jan 2018 05:10 to category : Instruments News

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