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NAMM 2018: Fender Custom Shop Guitars Coming This Year- Get Your Order in Soon!

Fender Custom Shop Guitars Coming This Year- Get Your Order in Soon!
Fender Custom Shop Guitars Coming This Year- Get Your Order in Soon!

Gear4music has an assortment of the highest-quality Fender Custom Shop Guitars due this summer; including Strats, Teles, P Basses, J Basses, and more. Get your order in soon as there's only 1 of each available.

The Fender Custom Shop produces the crème de la crème of guitars and basses. These models are handmade by Fender's top luthiers with unique details exclusive to each instrument. The same luthiers supply instruments to countless world-class players, so you know you'll be in safe hands with a Custom Shop guitar.

This year, Gear4music has a selection of instruments due in extremely limited quantities (only 1 of each!) so if you see something you like the look of, get your order in soon and avoid disappointment.

These guitars come complete with a certificate of authenticity, hard case and a strap; not only will you be purchasing an instrument of the highest order, you'll be getting a highly collectable piece in its own right. Each guitar is professionally photographed on our Custom Shop product pages, so when you place your order you'll be sure that you're getting the exact guitar depicted.

There's a great selection of guitars and basses this year, so grab a coffee and let's have a look at what's coming up…

Fender Custom Shop 30th Anni' Eric Clapton Journeyman Strat, Black

Eric Clapton is one of Fender's most prestigious players and in 1987 he retired his famous Stratocaster, "Blackie", to be replaced by a Custom Shop creation. The 30th Anniversary Clapton Journeyman Stratocaster (in Fender's words), "represents one of the finest instruments to ever come from the artisans of the Dream Factory".

This guitar features Clapton's custom specifications including the TBX tone control, vintage Noiseless pickups, and the active mid-boost circuit for soloing capabilities. The 30th Anniversary Strat is constructed from a stable one-piece quarter-sawn maple neck with a super-comfortable "Soft V" profile.

The Black Lacquer Journeyman Relic finish recreates the look of a guitar that's had a life on the road. The lacquer is thin enough to let the wood "breathe" - helping the guitar to resonate more fully. Other features include a 9.5"-radius fingerboard with 22 vintage-size frets, 5-way switching, single-ply Parchment pickguard, vintage-style hardware, bone nut, wing string tree and Clapton’s signature on the headstock.

Fender Custom Shop LTD Roasted Relic Dual Mag Strat, Black

The Black Roasted Dual-Mag Strat Relic is aged to perfection; you'll be convinced it's had a battle-hardened musician's life of touring and gigging. Despite its sultry and aged appearance, this instrument has all the modern luxuries you'd expect from a Custom Shop Guitar. This is an instrument of stark contrasts: vintage looks and sound with a (hidden) modern playing experience.

The alder body and quarter-sawn maple neck are both roasted for the ultimate stability, sustain and resonance - your tone will leap out of this guitar. The Relic lacquer finish recreates the look and feel of a decades-old instrument and helps the guitar "breathe". A contrasting super-modern playing feel is specified alongside vintage-inspired aesthetics and tonal appointments; at the modern end of the spectrum the guitar features Jescar 6100 jumbo frets and 9.5-12'' compound-radius fingerboard and hand-wound Dual-Mag pickups with the Strat Blender and Greasebucket wiring. At the vintage end of the spectrum, this guitar has ‘60s-style “Oval C"-shaped neck profile, Vintage White pickup covers, and a black Relic pickguard.

Fender Custom Shop LTD Relic 50s Thinline Tele, Pink Paisley

The '50S Tele Thinline Relic is a nod towards the Telecaster's country-music origins. The floral finish represents the decades when the Telecaster became popular in almost all genres of music and was used by the world's biggest artists. This model has a Relic'd appearance and would pass as a vintage classic.

A modern electronics setup is included with a hand-wound Custom Shop Original Blackguard bridge pickup alongside the gnarly Texas Special neck pickup, wired with the Greasebucket tone circuit. This is contrasted guitar's vintage-inspired appointments such as ’57-style "Soft V"-shaped profile, 9.5"-radius fingerboard, vintage-correct Tele bridge with brass saddles, parchment pickguard and vintage-style tuners.

In Fender's words, this guitar is "Familiar enough to latch on to and cool enough to fall in love with". Time to dig out those spurs…

Fender Custom Shop LTD 1956 Roasted Fat Strat, Aged Black

A fully roasted maple neck and alder body gives this guitar unbridled resonance and sustain. The thin Relic Lacquer unleashes the guitar's full tonal potential and gives the distressed look of a life on the road. Hand-wound Fat '60s Strat pickups are connected with Fat '50s wiring to create a bold tone with transparent bloom, smooth volume tapers, and no loss in treble when you roll down the volume.

This guitar has easy playability too with its 6100 Jumbo frets, 9.5'' radius fingerboard, and a smooth AA birdseye maple neck.

Fender Custom Shop 1951 Heavy Relic Nocaster, Faded Blonde

The Nocaster was previously called the Broadcaster. The Nocaster's name comes from a lawsuit involving Gretsch's similarly named “Broadkaster": what was the answer to this copyright issue? Simple: Fender removed the name label from the guitars' headstocks and released it with no-name, hence, "Nocaster" - as it later became known by collectors.

This guitar was highly limited and became the iconic blueprint for the Telecaster. The Custom Shop model has a heavy relic finish, '51 Nocaster pickups, 9.5"-radius fingerboard, 6105 frets, Fat ‘50s Tele wiring,’51-’54 bridge with brass saddles, vintage-style tuning machines, bone nut and round string tree. This guitar lets you grab a little piece of history- the original Nocaster is so rare that this Custom Shop recreation is about as close as you can get to it.

The Heavy Relic finish gives an appearance of a guitar that's lived a hard life on the gigging circuit. This Custom Shop model looks like a true vintage guitar that you've purchased from a musician who used it to its full extent.

Fender Custom Shop 1951 Relic Nocaster, Faded Blonde

For those who like a little less of the Relic'd appearance, this is the same guitar as above, but with the look of a collector who's kept it at home more than on the gigging circuit - feel free to add your own gigging damage should you wish!

Fender Custom Shop 1951 Journeyman Relic Nocaster, Faded Blonde

More information coming soon

This guitar will be almost identical in appearance to the model above but with the more modern "Journeyman" playing specification; designed to combine vintage aesthetics and tones with a contemporary playing feel.

Fender Custom Shop 1954 Relic Telecaster, Aged Blonde

This Custom Shop Telecaster combines the past and the present. The original 1954 Telecaster featured a move towards new steel barrel bridge saddles and a "U" shaped quarter-sawn maple neck. This Custom Shop recreation combines these vintage-era appointments with a modern playing specification, including a 9.5"-radius fingerboard with 6105 frets.

The guitar gets its vintage sound from Fat '50s wiring, the hand-wound '51 Nocaster bridge pickup and the Loaded Nocaster neck pickup.

If you're looking for a '50s vintage Telecaster sound with a modern feel, this is the guitar for you.

Fender Custom Shop 1955 NOS Stratocaster, 2-Tone Sunburst

The original Stratocaster was born in 1954, and the '55 model featured subtle enhancements which make it arguably the best model to represent the origins of the guitar.

This replication features the NOS (New Old Stock) flash-coat lacquer which is thin-enough to let the guitar breathe and show off the grain of the wood. This Custom Shop model is not relic'd so you'll be getting a factory-correct model which will age gracefully in your hands; any knocks, dents and aging will be a true representation of your personal playing and gigging habits.

The neck has a unique 7.25'' - 9.5'' compound radius, found on some of Fender's rare back-catalogue guitars. This guitar also has slightly-larger-than vintage frets for an incredibly comfortable vintage-inspired playing feel.

This guitar has hand-wound '55 Strat pickups and a host of vintage-inspired appointments. The New Old Stock specification means that this guitar will feel as if you've bought it brand-new in 1955 and will give the authentic experience of what it was like to be a guitarist in that exciting and pioneering decade.

Fender Custom Shop 1959 NOS Stratocaster, Chocolate 3-Tone Sunburst

The 1959 Stratocaster was created in a pivotal year for Fender. The 1959 model featured new 'modern' appointments such as a rosewood fingerboard and the iconic 3-colour sunburst finish.

The Custom Shop recreation includes the same flash-coated lacquer finish which is thin enough to let the guitar resonate fully, whilst aging gracefully with time. The neck features a vintage 7.25"-9.5" compound radius, which Fender found on some rare examples, giving it a unique feel even among vintage-inspired models. It also features medium vintage frets, which are slightly larger than regular vintage and very comfortable to play.

This guitar features a raft of vintage-correct specifications, and the New Old Stock label denotes that is free from any relic'ing; just as if you'd walked into a shop in 1959 and picked up a brand-new Stratocaster.  

Fender Custom Shop 1950 Double Esquire, Nocaster Blonde

This guitar is a recreation of Leo Fender's incredibly-rare Esquire prototype guitar from 1950, in which he tested new techniques before his iconic Broadcaster was released (which later became the Telecaster).

This Custom Shop guitar features hand-wound '50-'51 Blackguard pickups for a fat and juicy tone, coupled with modified '51 Nocaster wiring and controls. The tone control acts as a 'blender', which adds an additional resistor on the rhythm circuit for a 'sweeter' sound.

The neck features a compound radius, although not the modern-kind we're accustomed to: this guitar features a 7.25"-9.5" which was found on some rare vintage Fender guitars. The Double Esquire also has vintage frets - modified to be slightly larger - which are incredibly comfortable to play.  

Other features include a NOS flash-coat lacquer Nocaster Blonde finish, Closet Classic hardware, 2-piece off-center-seam ash body, tinted maple rift-sawn neck with 10/56 "V"-shaped neck profile, '51-'54 Tele bridge with brass saddles, bone nut, round string tree and vintage-style tuning machines.

This guitar is a glimpse into the mind of Leo Fender in the '50s and recreates his pioneering spirit for today's players.

This guitar will also be available as the Fender Custom Shop Relic Double Esquire Special, 2-Tone Sunburst: more information coming soon.

Fender Custom Shop 1960 Journeyman Relic Jazz Bass, Lake Placid Blue

The Fender Jazz bass evolved from the Precision models, and this guitar delivers vintage looks and sound with a modern playing feel.

The period-correct appointments include concentric stacked control knobs and hand-wound vintage Jazz Bass pickups with 2 pole pieces per string for a warmer sound. A modern playing feel is created by the 9.5" radius, and 20 6105 frets.

The guitar has a top quality 2-piece select alder body and a quarter-sawn maple neck, along with threaded steel saddles, vintage-style Jazz Bass tuners, bone nut and round string tree.

Fender Custom Shop Postmodern Journeyman Relic Jazz Bass, Desert Tan

This is (in Fender's words) the "ultimate gigging bass". It combines thoroughly modern playing features alongside classic looks and tonality. This guitar is a unique mix of the contoured P bass body with the fast J Bass neck.

The quarter-sawn maple J Bass neck has a modern 9.5'' radius and the neck has a contoured heel for effortless top-fret capabilities. The guitar is loaded with a Custom Shop hand-wound ’62 P Bass pickup (* TBC) for tonal versatility and punch.

Other premium appointments include versatile 3-way switching, 4-ply Tortoiseshell pickguard, RSD bass bridge, Fender deluxe bass tuning machines, bone nut, round string guide and A-string retainer.

Fender Custom Shop 1958 Journeyman Relic P-Bass, Opaque White Blonde

More information coming soon

Fender Custom Shop 1958 Journeyman Relic P-Bass, 2-Tone Sunburst

More information coming soon


Fender Custom Shop Orders

These guitars will be ready to order soon, so keep your eyes peeled on the Gear4music website for imminent availability.

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By Matt Wilkinson


Posted on 1 Feb 2018 11:15 to category : Instruments News

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