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Musikmesse 2018: the new Flagship Yamaha DZR and DXS-XLF Powered Loudspeakers and Subwoofers

Musikmesse 2018: the new Flagship Yamaha DZR & DXS-XLF Powered Loudspeakers & Subwoofers
Musikmesse 2018: the new Flagship Yamaha DZR & DXS-XLF Powered Loudspeakers & Subwoofers

Yamaha has announced two new PA lines for Musikmesse 2018, the Dante-equipped DZR Series and the portable CZR Series.

The DZR Series is Yamaha's first fully-integrated, smart loudspeaker, with the new DZR-D models featuring additional Dante connectivity to integrate with Yamaha digital mixing consoles. The speakers feature a built-in DSP and onboard LCD screen, giving you full control over the output characteristics for your live performance.

The series features both 2-way and 3-way models, in Dante-equipped and standard variants. The 2-way models range in size from the 10'' Yamaha DZR10 Powered Loudspeaker up to the 15'' Yamaha DZR15 Powered Loudspeaker - alongside their Dante-equipped counterparts, the Yamaha DZR10-D Powered Loudspeaker and the Yamaha DZR15-D Powered Loudspeaker. The 3-way model provides full-range sound as an all-in-one system, available as the Yamaha DZR315 Powered Loudspeaker and the Yamaha DZR315-D Powered Loudspeaker.

To accompany the DZR Series speakers, Yamaha has also released the new DXS-XLF series subwoofers, including the Yamaha DXS18XLF-D Powered Subwoofer and the Yamaha DXS15XLF-D Powered Subwoofer. These subwoofers feature the same DSP and LCD screen, in combination with special D-XSUB Processing, advanced FIR-X tuning, and a Cardioid Function.

The DZR and DXS-XLF Series offers a fully-integrated solution when paired with Yamaha CL/QL/TF series digital mixing consoles and/or networked audio products. The DZR 2-way speakers feature a clever rotatable horn which allows you to mount them both horizontally and vertically, while the newly developed LF transducers promise ultra-low distortion, courtesy of their 3'' voice coils, cast aluminium frames, and strong, lightweight neodymium magnets for a powerful and tight low-end response. The 96kHz DSP processors provide advanced FIR-X tuning, optimum EQ and Yamaha’s D-Contour intelligent, multiband compression for superior tuning and ultimate control. 8 user presets allow you to save your favourite settings, while optimised presets are available when pairing the DZR and DXS-XLF together.

The DXS-XLF subwoofers provide three modes of operation; NORMAL, BOOST for a tighter, punchier response, and XTENDED LF for unparalleled low-end power from a cabinet of this size. All models feature a rugged, roadworthy premium plywood enclosure featuring a scratch-resistant Polyurea coating, a variety of mounting options and exceptional portability.

“This was a range of speakers that only Yamaha could design, thanks to our breadth of experience in all areas of sound reproduction, acoustics and digital technology,” says Yoshi Tsugawa, general manager of Yamaha’s Pro Audio Division.

“Particularly with the integration of Dante networking technology - enabling smart, simplified system configuration and operation with industry-leading digital mixing consoles and installation products - we have not only expanded our range of professional powered loudspeakers, but also updated our pro audio solutions as a whole in order to adapt to the growing demands of today's sound professionals.”

Yamaha CZR Series Loudspeakers and CXS-XLF Subwoofers

The passive CZR Series of loudspeakers is perfect for a wide range of live performance and installation environments. Ranging in size from the Yamaha CZR10 10'' Passive PA Speaker to the Yamaha CZR15 15'' Passive PA Speaker, the CZR Series is ideal for bands and places of worship, with its full frequency response and impressive bass performance.

Like the DZR Series, the CZR speakers feature a rotatable horn for use in both vertical and horizontal configurations, while the 2'' voice coils and neodymium magnets provide powerful and lightweight performance.

Should you require more low-end, the Yamaha CXS15XLF 15'' Passive Subwoofer and the Yamaha CXS15XLF 15'' Passive Subwoofer are the perfect partnership to the DZR Series speakers, featuring an extension down to an impressive 29kHz. The subwoofers can be used in cardioid mode for enhanced focus, while the rugged plywood enclosures, scratch-resistant Polyurea coating, and multiple mounting options make the whole series a versatile solution to many live sound requirements.

Yamaha is exhibiting its new PA speakers and subwoofers at Musikmesse from 11th-14th April 2018.

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By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 10 Apr 2018 13:25 to category : Instruments News

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