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Musikmesse 2018: The Latest Yamaha Custom Z YTS827ZS Saxophone

Yamaha YTS827ZS Custom Z Tenor Saxophone in Amber
Yamaha YTS827ZS Custom Z Tenor Saxophone in Amber

Yamaha's new YTS82ZS Tenor Saxophone joins the colourful Custom Z family with a brand-new amber finish.

New for 2018, Yamaha has released its latest tenor saxophone from the Custom Z series, the Yamaha YTS82ZS Custom Z Tenor Saxophone in Amber. This colourful sax joins the Custom Z family and provides even more aesthetic choice to help you stand out from the crowd.

The Custom Z series evolved from a collaboration between leading performers and the designers at Yamaha Atelier, resulting in an instrument that would give professional artists the elevated levels of musical expression and performance capability they need. Giving full consideration to even the finest details such as key layout and weight balance, the development team redesigned and refined the instrument part by part, eventually reaching an extremely high level of performance across the range.

The Yamaha Custom Z series of saxophones is designed to blend the classic sound and feel of a traditional sax with the reliability and perfect intonation of a modern instrument. They are produced from a special brass alloy which makes them lighter to hold, along with delivering a dry tone that projects particularly well.

Each instrument features its own stunning design finish, whether that be gold (Yamaha YAS82Z Alto Saxophone), unlacquered (Yamaha YTS82Z C Tenor Saxophone), or the stand-out design of the black & gold Yamaha YTS82Z Tenor Saxophone.

A one-piece bell gives the YTS82ZS a traditional aesthetic with its custom engraving, along with an enhanced low-end response and a wider palette of tonal colours. The metal resonator pads provide outstanding response and enhanced dynamic range with a smooth playability across the range. Custom Z saxophones also feature a V1 neck for a free-blowing feel and great flexibility, along with an improved B-C# connection for a consistent closing of the low C# key. An adjustable Front F mechanism gives the player the freedom to find the optimal level of resistance in the altissimo range. The highly regarded V1 neck provides the perfect combination of response and control.

The YS82Z7S comes complete with a quality lightweight case and a shoulder strap, so you'll have the complete package to get performing. The special amber finish helps the YS82Z7S stand out in the family of Custom Z saxophones.

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By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 12 Apr 2018 10:43 to category : Instruments News

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