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Modal Electronics' CRAFTrhythm Drum Sampler In Stock at Gear4music Exclusively

Modal's latest device - the CRAFTrhythm Drum Sampler - expands on the CRAFTsynth monophonic synthesizer and lets users get 'hands-on' with the assembly
Modal's latest device - the CRAFTrhythm Drum Sampler - expands on the CRAFTsynth monophonic synthesizer and lets users get 'hands-on' with the assembly

Modal Electronics' latest device - the CRAFTrhythm Drum Sampler - expands on the CRAFTsynth Monophonic Synthesizer and lets users get 'hands-on' with the assembly.

The Modal CRAFTrhythm Drum Sampler expands on the exciting 2016 CRAFTsynth and delivers the same DIY approach to its design. Priced under £100, the CRAFTrhythm offers an exceedingly affordable entry-point into the world of synthesizer drum machines and is available to buy now exclusively at Gear4music.

We saw the first glimpse of the CRAFTrhythm last year at Knobcon in Chicago, USA, and it's finally here for Gear4music customers to get a piece of the action. The Modal CRAFTrhythm is a DIY 8-track drum sampler. Supplied as a kit, the CRAFTrhythm comes 'flat-packed' and users need to get hands on to assemble it. Less practical musicians needn't worry though - Modal says the CRAFTrhythm takes just under 10 minutes to construct and doesn't require any solder or specialist tools.

Once constructed, the CRAFTrhythm provides an 8-track drum sampler with a 16-step sequencer and the ability to upload your own samples via the CRAFTapp. The CRAFTrhythm has room to store 64 16-bit samples with a pro-quality sample-rate of 44.1kHz.

While it may be a thrifty purchase, the CRAFTrhythm certainly gives users excellent value-for-money with a raft of features. Each of the 8 tracks features a mixer, sample select, tune control with three pitch modes (SPEED, STRETCH and SHIFT), a low-pass filter, and three envelopes for amplitude, filter and pitch.

The CRAFTrhythm also has memory to store 16 patterns which can be chained together for creating longer sequences. A USB connection gives access to MIDI while the headphone and line outputs provide professional connections for studio and live use.

The CRAFTapp is compatible with iOS and Android devices and gives user-access to a sequencer grid for making beats directly on your phone or tablet, alongside control over extra parameters. A clever sample management page assists with uploading and organizing samples, while patterns and kits can be stored locally with a drag-and-drop interface.

The ability to power the CRAFTrhythm by battery or USB Mini B makes it the ideal tool for taking on the road as the ultimate portable beats-creation device. This device is available exclusively at Gear4music in a range of bundles. Why not make a fantastic saving and purchase the Modal CRAFTrhythm And CRAFTsynth Bundle Inc Battery Packs together for the ideal off-grid rig.

About Modal Electronics

Bristol-based Modal Electronics is a UK company that evolved from its predecessor, Modulus Electronics (changing names in 2014 due to a legal conflict). Established in 2002 by Paul Maddox, Modulus Electronics has produced numerous synth devices resulting in the development of the Modal 002 12-Voice Multitimbral Hybrid Synthesiser; a 12-voice polyphonic synth packaged in a full-sized keyboard device - released in 2014.

After the high acclaim of the 002, the re-named Modal Electronics continued to produce high-end synthesizers including the more-affordable 001 Duophonic Hybrid Synthesizer and the 008 8-Voice Analog Synthesiser. The 2016 CRAFTsynth marked a distinct turn for Modal Electronics.

Gear4music are the exclusive UK retailer of Modal Electronics' CRAFT products, so if you're interested in the unique and highly-affordable DIY approach, see our range of Modal CRAFT devices.

See more from our complete line of Modal Electronics Synths

By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 28 Feb 2018 15:14 to category : Instruments News

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