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Mixpack Bundle - Free Serato DJ Pro and more with the Roland DJ-202 Controller!

Free Serato DJ Pro with the Roland DJ-202 Controller
Free Serato DJ Pro with the Roland DJ-202 Controller

Until 10th June 2018, the new Roland DJ-202 DJ Controller comes with a free Mixpack bundle, worth up to 200 Euros! Claim your free copy of Serato DJ Pro, free online training, and 20% off your first Beatport purchase.

Roland's new compact and rugged DJ-202 Serato DJ controller provides DJs with a full-sized layout, just like a professional controller. To celebrate the DJ-202's launch, new customers can claim a free copy of Serato DJ Pro software, free live online training, and 20% off a first order at Beatport as part of Roland's Mixpack bundle! This offer is valid until 10th June 2018, so now is the perfect time to get everything you need to create music - the software, the tunes, and the knowledge!

Roland DJ-202 Controller

Roland DJ-202 DJ Controller

The Roland DJ-202 is a fully-featured and affordable controller for Serato DJ software. The DJ-202 has the same features and layout as a professional controller but in a smaller form-factor - perfect for mobile DJs, parties, and touring musicians. The DJ-202 has the capability to let users DJ, remix, and produce beats on the fly. The portable design is ideal for taking on the road and the full feature-set means the DJ-202 is also perfect for use in the studio. Dedicated transport controls and low latency platters make the DJ-202 the ideal controller for Serato DJ software.

The DJ-202 has a built-in drum machine, featuring TR-808 and TR-909 sounds, along with eight dedicated performance pads for beat creation. The DJ-202 also has a 16-step sequencer which controls Serato DJ's sampler for live performance improvisation.  

The DJ-202 can also function as a USB audio/MIDI interface (with 24-bit/48 kHz fidelity and high-resolution A/D converters). A MIDI output lets users control and sync external gear, while the 1/4 inch mic input with effects is ideal for live performances.

Upgrade to DJ Pro

Roland DJ-202 DJ Controller

The DJ-202 comes ready to control Serato DJ Lite and the special Mixpack bundle means users can upgrade to DJ Pro, free of charge. DJ Pro is used by many of the world's top DJs and has many advanced features including expansion packs, MIDI mapping, full sync, and quantize capabilities.

DJ Pro is a complete re-working of its predecessor, Serato DJ. DJ Pro includes a new Practice Mode which gives you keyboard control over many software functions without needing to connect any hardware; this gives users the capability of creating loops and manipulating tempos and flips. DJ Pro also integrates with Serato Video, providing support for many video formats to create your own music videos and project them live.

The software also features 64-bit support with virtually no limit on your library size. The Performance Pad view lets you display your cue points with improved clarity, while the high-resolution-optimized display is perfect for modern devices.

Free One-Hour Live Training

Roland DJ-202 DJ Controller

Giving users the perfect jump-start in DJing, the Mixpack Bundle features an hour's free training from the Roland Cloud Academy (worth 99 Euros). This live training session teaches DJs how to get the most of their DJ-202 and Serato DJ software - taught by industry professionals and product experts. Roland hosts several live sessions every month, accessible via any device with an internet connection.

20% off Beatport

Beatport is an online record store with the most recent tunes and regularly updated charts for the top-ten tracks. This online resource gives DJs access to trending tunes and provides a complete library of music to work with, so you'll always be on top of what the clubs are playing. The Mixpack bundle gives new DJ-202 customer 20% off their first order - so, the more music you buy, the bigger the saving!

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By Matt Wilkinson

Roland DJ-202 DJ Controller

Posted on 22 May 2018 15:09 to category : Instruments News

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