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Low Volume Drums - How to Play Quietly at Home

Low Volume Drums
Low Volume Drums

Low Volume Drums - How to Play Quietly at Home

Find the accessories you need to tame your acoustic drum kit and turn it into the ultimate practice setup. Plus, see more quiet drum practice solutions for home.

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Playing drums at home requires patient neighbours and a tolerant family. When it’s time to practise quietly though, sometimes a single practice pad isn’t the most inspiring tool. Here’s our solutions to practise drums quietly at home while still getting the complete drumming experience.

Quiet drums option 1 – for acoustic drum kits

Do you own an acoustic kit at home? If yes, lucky you! There's nothing quite like a complete acoustic drum kit. Did you know, you can turn your acoustic kit into a super quiet practice solution, and still get the same playing feel with the right accessories?

Low Volume Heads

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Low-volume drumheads replace your standard drumheads and greatly reduce the volume. They are made from mesh and are found elsewhere on premium electronic drum kits. The mesh material has a massively reduced volume compared to a standard drum skin, yet you’ll still get the same feel and response.

Simply swap your acoustic kit drum skins for low-volume mesh heads and voila – an instant reduction in volume. Low volume heads are available for snare heads, toms, and kick drums, so you’ll be able to create a complete practice setup out of your existing acoustic kit.

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Bonus – Hybrid Electronics

If you’ve replaced your standard drumheads with low-volume heads, you can now buy drum triggers and create a hybrid electronic kit! Play in near silence with mesh heads, all the while triggering drum samples on a drum sound module or computer to hear in your headphones.

Find out more | Hybrid Drumming

Low Volume Cymbals

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Low-volume cymbals are created with a multitude of tiny drilled holes. In combination with special alloys, they are as strong as a regular cymbal, yet are massively reduced in volume.

You’ll still get the same ‘bounce’ of a standard ride cymbal, and the same ability to ‘crash’ your crash cymbals – just without the overpowering volume.

Low volume cymbals are perfect for swapping out your current setup and getting a quiet sound at home – ideal for practising.

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Silencing Pads

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Don’t want to replace your acoustic drumheads with mesh heads? Drum silencing pads are the next best thing.

Rubber drum silencing pads are designed to sit on top of your drumhead, and they greatly reduce the volume. You can also find cymbal pads which achieve the same job – reducing the sound level of your cymbals.

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Quiet drums option 2 – electronic kits

Electronic drums use rubber pads or mesh heads to replicate the feel of a drum. You can play in near silence and hear the sound of a sampled drum kit through your headphones.

These kits allow you to explore ‘real’ acoustic drumkit sounds, as well as electronic drum sounds. You can also plug them into a computer to control software drum machines.

Tabletop Drum Kits

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Highly portable and ideal for taking up minimal room at home. Tabletop Drum Kits are laid out like an acoustic kit, so you can get the feel for playing a real drum kit, just in a smaller space.

Tabletop kits include many different sounds to explore, and some include pedals to trigger bass drum and hi-hat sounds.

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Drum Pads

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Percussion pads aren’t laid out like a standard drum kit, but they offer a huge range of percussive sounds and other samples, as well as the ability to load your own sounds.

These are ideal for drummers who want a practice tool that can also add something new to their main setup. Simply mount one on a stand next to your gigging kit, and you'll instantly get new electronic capabilities.  

Sample pads are similar tools to percussion pads – they offer enhanced sampling capabilities to play any sound imaginable.

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Electronic Kits

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Electronic drum kits are compact and quiet. Plug in some headphones or attach them to an amplifier, and you’ll have a huge range of drum sounds at the push of a button.

Rubber pad e-drums offer fantastic value. Mesh pad e-drums offer even more realism and responsiveness. Both options are far quieter than an acoustic kit, and ideal for practice at home. These kits can also be used to gig, rehearse, and record – connect it to a computer to trigger drum samples via MIDI or record directly from the built-in sounds of the sound module.

More expensive e-drum kits feature more realistic drum samples, responsiveness, and playing feel. However, even the most affordable kits will make a fantastic practice tool.

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Practice Pads

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Drum practice pads don’t offer any drum sounds, but they are affordable and quiet tools for working on stick technique. You’ll find a range of individual pad sizes, with some being able to strap to your leg and other featuring stands.

If you’re looking to practice with multiple drums and a bass drum pedal too, the PPK-5 Practice Pad Drum Kit is the ultimate pad setup – featuring 4 pads, stand, and pedal.

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