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LD Systems Brings Versatility Centre Stage with its New ICOA Series Speakers

LD Systems ICOA Series
LD Systems ICOA Series

The new ICOA Series from LD Systems is here to become the ultimate choice for musicians, bands, DJs, and entertainers. Featuring superior projection from coaxial drivers, sophisticated DSP, full-range sound, and the versatility for almost any gigging scenario.

By Brodie Milner | Published 04.03.20

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With a blend of power, superior sound projection from coaxial technology, and flexibility, the new LD Systems ICOA series sets a new standard for affordable and versatile speakers. With sophisticated features and full-range frequency response, these speakers are the definition of all-round performance, and flexibility is the name of the game.

It's not just the impressive volume output for its size that sets the ICOA series apart from the competition. Each ICOA speaker is equally adept as a self-contained full-range system, horizontal stage monitor, complementary satellite for a larger system, or even as a music playback system (wirelessly with optional Bluetooth models).

Whether you’re a band who needs ready-to-go sound with clever on-board DSP for any venue, a musician who needs a stage monitor, a DJ who needs a full-range system without an external sub-woofer, or an entertainer who needs to stream music; the ICOA series has the flexibility to cover almost any eventuality.

Each new model is available active or passive, with the LD Systems ICOA Active Speakers and the LD Systems ICOA Passive Speakers.

Perfect Balance Wherever You're Stood

The jewel in the ICOA crown is its coaxial driver. This sophisticated design makes ICOA a true all-in-one speaker, with a wide listening field and response pattern that is symmetrical along the axis of the woofer.

This coaxial design provides a highly balanced sound, regardless of where your audience is stood in the room, making ICOA ideal for performers who work in a variety of event spaces.

SHOP NOW | LD Systems ICOA Series Active Speakers

Thanks to its built-in capacitors, LD Systems ensures clarity by separating the source sound into two frequency ranges. This leads to crisp highs and punchy mids, giving an exceptional aural experience to your audience.

The ICOA series also includes an innovative BEM-optimised rotatable CD horn. This patent-pending device is fitted directly in front of the woofer, giving users better directivity control at low and high frequencies.

Whether used vertically as satellites or horizontally as monitors, the ICOA's ground-breaking horn-loaded woofer brings maximum dispersion to every scenario. Alongside a pronounced high and mid response, the ICOA PA speakers promise excellent bass reproduction, eliminating the need for a sub speaker. LD Systems have worked painstakingly to create a bass reflex enclosure that minimises low-end energy loss with aerodynamic ports.

The Future is Already Here

Paving the way for speakers in its class, the ICOA series features DynX DSP in replacement of a traditional CPU. This advanced piece of tech prevents overload with a multi-band limiter, allowing you to reach higher volumes without unwanted distortion and extreme signal peaks.

The DynX DSP's crossover function splits the incoming audio signal into the respective speakers, optimising amplitude and run-time. In short, all frequencies are evenly emitted, reaching listeners at the same time.

SHOP NOW | LD Systems ICOA Series Active Speakers

On the inside, the ICOA series features cutting-edge acoustic design, but from the outside, ICOA is easy to use with simple controls and a digital display. Alongside two input gain controls and a master volume pot, LD Systems gives you full access to a broad spectrum of customisation.

Get to work straight out of the box with four perfectly calibrated EQ presets. Dial your sound further thanks to a 3-band EQ with /- 10 dB boost and cut. Or add your speaker to a delay line with functionality in feet and meters.

Pack Light. Work Smart

The ICOA series is built from a solid polypropylene housing, giving you both durability and convenience. The lightweight material makes it easy for performers to set up and pack down in minutes. With four ergonomic rubber-coated handles, multiple rigging points, and a compact design, LD Systems certainly wins the award for advanced portability.

More importantly, the robust enclosure does wonders for the sound. ICOA loudspeakers get their pristine characteristics by maximising transduction effects. The only noise you'll ever hear will be coming directly from your speakers.

And with speakers this good, you're going to want to get them in the right position. Thankfully LD Systems is already one step ahead. These ICOA speakers come fitted with an integrated dual stand attachment so you can mount your PA at 0-degree and 5-degree angles, giving you optimal sound projection for every single occasion.

SHOP NOW | LD Systems ICOA Series Active Speakers

Variety is the Sound of Life

Available as 12" and 15" units, both sizes offer active and passive models, as well as active models with Bluetooth connectivity for those who love to use their playback devices. The ICOA passive range is stylish too, with a choice of black and white finishes.

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Posted on 4 Mar 2020 12:47 to category : Instruments News

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The new ICOA Series from LD Systems is here to become the ultimate choice for musicians, bands, DJs, and entertainers. Featuring superior projection from coaxial drivers, sophisticated DSP, full-range sound, and the versatility for almost any gigging scenario.

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