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KORG Volca Mix Now Available! Create the Ultimate Volca Performance Rig

The new KORG Volca Mix is now available to purchase - completing the missing link between the popular range of affordable Volca devices
The new KORG Volca Mix is now available to purchase - completing the missing link between the popular range of affordable Volca devices

The KORG Volca Mix, announced at this year's NAMM show, is now available to purchase at Gear4music! As a 4-channel mixing device, the Volca Mix is the missing link in the popular KORG Volca family, letting you connect your devices to create the ultimate live-performance rig.

With its DJ-controller design, the Volca Mix is created to assist the performer as much as possible with clear visual indicators and simple yet powerful controls. The Volca Mix has four-channels (3 and 4 in stereo) with volume faders, lo/hi cut filters, and a master chain that radically alters your sound. The stereo expander helps mono sources sound larger than life, while the dynamic-range compressor helps tame your high-frequencies according to the level changes of the low-frequencies. There's also a side-chain effect that's perfect for dance music.

The Volca Mix provides control of the main output and monitor-out, alongside its own built-in stereo speakers and headphone-out for portable sound-creation when inspiration hits. A send-out and aux-in give the capability to use external effects, perfect for use with the KORG Kaoss Pad. The Volca Mix also has 3x DC ports for powering your Volca devices, keeping your on-stage setup as de-cluttered as possible. 

KORG's Volca units are compact synths designed to give musicians an affordable solution for live performance and recording. The family consists of Volca Bass for powerful analog bass sounds with an Electribe-inspired sequencer, Volca Beats for first-class beats using analog drum sounds and PCM samples plus sequencer, and Volca Keys - a 27 key, analog lead synth with a polyphonic sound engine and loop sequencer.

While these units sound fantastic on their own, as a family they collaborate to create the ultimate live setup. The Volca Mix is the missing part of this chain and provides the additional mixing capabilities needed for a complete rig. By using the volca mix as the sync master device of your live setup, you can easily enhance your live performance, such as simultaneously playing sequences from multiple synced units, and combining mute and volume control to create performances that use your volca units in even more ingenious ways.

With its premium look and performer-focussed design, the Volca Mix is the perfect complement to the KORG Volca devices - completing your rig and giving you an incredibly powerful setup for live performance and producing.

Find out more and order a KORG Volca Mix today!

See more from the complete KORG Volca family

Check out Gear4music's own demonstration videos of the KORG Volca FM Digital Synthesizer and the Analog Kick Generator below.

By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 26 Mar 2018 10:59 to category : Instruments News

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