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KHDK Kirk Hammett Ghoul JR Overdrive Pedal - Great Tone In A Tiny Package

KHDK Kirk Hammett Ghoul JR Overdrive Pedal - Great Tone In A Tiny Package
KHDK Kirk Hammett Ghoul JR Overdrive Pedal - Great Tone In A Tiny Package

KHDK has released the new KHDK Kirk Hammett Ghoul JR Overdrive pedal, featuring Kirk Hammett's signature overdrive/distortion tones in a tiny new unit. Following on from the success of the collaborative Ghoul Screamer Pedal, this pedal promises even more gain and features the most popular tone-sculpting options from its predecessor. It somehow manages to do all this in a unit that is no bigger than the palm of your hand.

The Ghoul JR takes the blueprint of the Ghoul Screamer and repackages it with a range of mini toggle switches to give it great versatility. The original Ghoul Screamer gained popularity for the large range of applications it could be used for;

"When it comes to boosting and tightening up metal tones, the Ghoul Screamer is among the best TS-alikes we've used."

- Music Radar

The KHDK Ghoul JR takes that same versatility and refines it, following the recent trend of developing micro-sized pedals with full-sized tone. It gives you 3 levels of gain and headroom, from compressed classic sounds through to dynamic cutting tone, onto the new "Full-On" mode; this provides even more distortion than the original Ghoul Driver so should keep high-gain players happy.

The Ghoul JR provides a range of tone controls so that the response can be crafted to match the guitar; a particularly important aspect with the rise in popularity of extended range instruments and drop-tunings. KHDK has designed this pedal to work as either a booster or as a complete sound-sculpting tool, so it should find plenty of use among different players.

Kirk Hammett is a guitarist whose name is recognised world-wide. With his decades-long career in Metallica, he helped pioneer the Thrash Metal movement. His signature Ghoul Screamer pedal was highly regarded and the Ghoul JR looks set to follow in its footsteps; albeit with a much smaller footprint.

See our full range of KHDK pedals.

By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 17 Nov 2017 13:25 to category : Instruments News

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