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Jet City - Affordable Valve Amps Now Available at Gear4music!

Jet City - Affordable Valve Amps Now Available at Gear4music
Jet City - Affordable Valve Amps Now Available at Gear4music

Jet City's line-up of valve amps and cabs are now available at Gear4music - featuring collaborations with Mike Soldano and Martin Kidd for fabulous tones with exceptional prices!

Philadelphia-based Jet City was established in 2009 to produce quality valve guitar amplifiers at highly-affordable prices. Featuring design collaborations with Mike Soldano (Soldano Custom Amplification) and Martin Kidd (Cornford, Victory Amplifiers), these pro-quality amps are now available at Gear4music, delivering 100% tube tone and fantastic value for money.

Jet City amps feature all the important aspects of quality guitar amps. They are created with high-quality materials including hard plywood, heavy-gauge steel, thick PCBs with wide copper traces, custom-wound transformers - everything you need for reliable and serviceable performance. High-quality construction like this would usually demand a suitably high price, but Jet City has removed all the superfluous features that detract from tone and performance. What you are left with is a range of products delivering great tone and durability, with no "gimmicks" added on top.

Jet City Amplification

Collaborative Design

Jet City's initial designs featured a collaboration with Mike Soldano to produce high-quality preamp circuits and fantastic tones. Later amps featured input from Martin Kidd, the British amp designer for Cornford and Victory Amplification. Jet City amps provide direct access to the expertise of these renowned amp designers, so you'll be rewarded with excellent tones without the premium price tag.

Buy Now at Gear4music

Gear4music now has a full range of Jet City products available to order, including amplifier heads, speaker cabs, isolation cabs, and the Afterburner Dual-Stage Overdrive pedal. The amplifiers range from the highly-portable, single-channel Custom 5 to the all-encompassing, dual-channel 100H LTD; so, no matter what your musical needs, you'll find a great-value solution with our collection of Jet City gear.

Jet City 100 LTD

Jet City 100H Ltd Amp Head

Designed with Mike Soldano. A dual-channel, 100W valve head featuring EL34 power valves, FX-loop, and a classic, Soldano SLO-inspired high-gain overdrive channel with liquid-smooth sustain. This is a monster of a head, at the fraction of the price you'd usually pay for an amp in this category.

Jet City Amelia

Jet City Amelia Amplifier Head

The Jet City Amelia is a dual-channel, 50W head powered by EL34 valves and switchable to 6L6's without re-biasing. A perfect gigging amp head!

Jet City 20H

Jet City 20H and 20HV Amplifier Heads

A compact 20W head with a single channel, perfect for rock and blues. Also available, the Jet City 20HV - the vintage-voiced sibling, identical in every respect apart from its classic aesthetic and lower-gain, musical voice.

Jet City Custom 22

Jet City Custom 22 Guitar Amplifier Head

A twin-channel, 20W head based on the 20H above. This amp has design input from Martin Kidd (Cornford, Victory Amplification), giving you affordable access to the expertise of a renowned amp maker.

Jet City Custom 5

Jet City Custom 5 and Custom 5W Guitar Amplifier Heads

The Custom 5 is a single-channel, stripped-back, grab-and-go head with a 6L6 power amp valve. Also available with an EL34 power amp valve - the Jet City Custom 5W. This is a deceptively versatile amplifier with a 3-band EQ and multiple voicing switches!

Speaker Cabs

Jet City Guitar Speaker Cabinets

Jet City 12S 1x12 speaker cab / Jet City 24S 2x12 speaker cab horizontal / Jet City 24SVe Vertical

Jet City also produces a range of speaker cabs featuring Eminence speakers, rugged construction materials, incredibly-useful MicSim emulated outputs and removable back panels for both open/closed-back sounds. Check out the vertical format 2x12 cabinet for increased projection with minimal stage footprint!

Jet City JetStream ii 1x12 ISO

Jet City Jet Stream Isolation Speaker Cabinet

An isolation cab with 2x mic XLR connections. Also available without speakers - JetStream ii Unloaded. This is the ideal unit for getting the real speaker tone of a guitar amp, without the ambient noise; perfect for studios, home use, and live performance in noise-sensitive environments.

Jet City Afterburner Dual Stage Overdrive

Jet City Afterburner Overdrive Pedal

Don't forget the versatile Jet City Afterburner Dual Stage Overdrive! With independent boost and a full complement of tone-sculpting controls, this pedal is the ideal low/medium-gain addition to your setup.

If you're a musician who values quality tone and construction above bonus features and unnecessary addons, Jet City provides everything you need to get performing with 100% valve tone - without breaking the bank.

By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 2 May 2018 16:36 to category : Instruments News

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