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Intelligent Mixing Controls Dumb Down The Mixing Process?

iZotope's Neutron Mixing Console
iZotope's Neutron Mixing Console
iZotope's Neutron 'mixing assistant' plugin has recently given impetus to the notion that software is now fully capable of delivering musically savvy decisions during the mixing process, making the need for human interference potentially obsolete. Some individuals are worried; concerned over the implications that this 'smart' style of mixing will have upon music's 'human touch, diminishing its individualistic flair and relatability.

Recently MusicRadar talked to iZotope to get their spin on the situation, and to explain why they feel that technology is conducive to creativity.

Answering the question "Are intelligent mixing assistant plugins dumbing down the art of mixing?" iZotope had this to say: "In short no. The art of mixing is deep, nuanced, and requires an aesthetic determination that could differ entirely between different mix engineers even if they were mixing identical audio. Intelligent tools have their place in the audio production toolkit just like any other tool.. to help mix engineers realise a vision that's uniquely their own.

Innovative, historical shifts in the audio productions industry are few and far between. The introduction of electric guitars, of digital audio production, of synths, drum machines, pitch correction and more, have all been met with skepticism and fear. The robots are not winning, nor are they auto-mixing; they're helping you do things you already do today with greater efficiency and, ultimately more creativity. "

With its intuitive metering and analysis controls, the iZotope Neutron Mixing Console is able to accurately read and analyze your tracks, providing a number of advanced custom presets that are ideally suited to the designated style/sound of your track. Aiming to help the user achieve unprecedented clarity within their mix, Neutron helps you to expand your sound and build upon pre-existing concepts whilst retaining your nuanced style.

With its integrated Track Assistant feature, you can now accurately focus on whats most important within your mix. Use it to guide you and help you make intelligent decisions according to its proficient analysis, or choose from its number of suggested parameters to get whats best for your sound. Never before has mixing afforded so much potential for exceptional quality audio. Through combining technological ingenuity with human creativity the extent to which we can shape and mould our sound has never been so apparent.

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By Josh Hummerston

Posted on 29 Dec 2016 13:11 to category : Music News

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