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Innovative Yamaha EAD-10 Hybrid Drum System Provides Studio-Quality Drum Sounds

Yamaha EAD-10 Hybrid Drum System Provides Studio-Quality Drum Sounds
Innovative Yamaha EAD-10 Hybrid Drum System Provides Studio-Quality Drum Sounds

Yamaha has announced the EAD10 Electronic Acoustic Drum Module & Sensor; a revolution in hybrid drum technology giving you access to studio quality drum sounds and sample integration based around your acoustic kit. Using their knowledge of DSP, Yamaha has created the first-ever stand-alone drum module system that offers drummers access to full acoustic drum kit recording and the ability to blend with live sample triggering.

The EAD10 achieves this integration with a single microphone/trigger component attached to a powerful digital processor. The trigger features internal microphones which can capture the whole sound of the kit and then be digitally manipulated with effects or recorded directly to the module.

Yamaha has also released the iOS-based Rec'n'Share app which has two useful features – Play Along and Video Recording. Play Along lets you add click tracks to your favourite songs and then jam along with the enhanced sound of your drums. Video Recording is ideal for YouTubers, letting you achieve a fantastic drum sound and then edit it directly in the module. When combined with video footage, it’s the ideal platform for quickly sharing great-sounding drum videos online.

For even more versatility, the EAD10 features additional inputs for 4 triggers so you have full control over all 757 onboard samples, with room to add 100 more of your own sounds. Two of the inputs are 3-zone trigger type and are compatible with the Yamaha DT50S snare trigger and DTX Series pads.

The EAD10 solves the common drummer problem of recording their kit quickly and affordably, whilst still achieving great sound quality. This will be a blessing for YouTube drummers or for those who want to integrate electronic samples into their live rig.

“The EAD10 is a huge breakthrough …Drummers can now easily record audio and video of their performances without going to a professional studio or purchasing a complicated and expensive system of mics. Whether for recording, performing or practice, this module opens up a world of possibilities for creativity.”

- Steven Fisher, marketing manager, Yamaha Drums

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By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 13 Nov 2017 16:14 to category : Instruments News

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