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How to Succeed as a Musician on Social Media

Musicians On Social Media Guide
Musicians On Social Media Guide

How to Succeed as a Musician on Social Media

Social media has opened a world of opportunities for musicians. With the help of drummer and influencer Stu Fagan aka. Beyond The Beat, we'll show you how you can make it online.

Today’s musician is a very different person to the musicians of 20 years ago. Thanks to the internet and social media, musicians can collaborate remotely, build a community, and make a career online.

We recently caught up with Stu Fagan; a drummer and influencer known online as Beyond The Beat. With Stu’s help, we’ve dissected some of the most popular drumming strategies for social media. We also had a run-down of Stu’s drum gear to help you set up your own online drum studio.

While Stu is a drummer, that doesn’t mean that his successful techniques can’t apply to you too. No matter what kind of musician you are, here you’ll find valuable info about how to make it online!

How does a musician become an influencer?

An influencer is a social media figurehead that has thousands, sometimes millions, of followers. They can leverage the number of followers in their audience to build business relationships, teach, promote products, and much more.

Musicians can also become influencers! They can take a number of approaches to build an audience - including sharing expertise, teaching, demonstrating skills, performing online, making musical covers, producing comedic videos, reviewing gear, and much more.

Beyond The Beat - Instagram

Who are the most famous musician influencers?

Here are just a few of the many popular musician influencers, and how they make their content.

  • Jared Dines – a multi-instrumentalist/vocalist. A mixture of comedy, tuition, musical covers, parodies, and more.
  • Marc Rebillet – original songs, improvisatory music, often with comical lyrics.
  • Mary Spender - a British songwriter and guitarist with lessons, gear reviews, and general musician vlogging.
  • Rick Beato – a studio producer, composer, and musician with lessons, song breakdowns, talks about music theory, interviews, composition, studio techniques, and much more.
  • Adam Neely – bassist and working musician with a mix of music theory video essays, lessons, comedy, original music, gig vlogs, Q A’s, and more.
  • Hannah Koppenburg – a keyboard player and one half of the duo - Hannie.
  • Andrew Huang – producer and multi-instrumentalist, with a focus on electronic music. Content based on creating music, tutorials, gear reviews, entertaining concepts, theory, and vlogs.
  • David Raouf, aka. rdavidr - a frank narrative on drum refurbishment, D.I.Y projects and reviews.

We’ve barely scratched the surface, but you can already see that there is a plethora of ways to produce social media content.

What sort of content can I produce as a musician?

You don’t have to be virtuoso to become a music influencer. You could share your expertise, talk about gear, or vlog about topics that interest you.

Consistency, branding, and likeability the important things - they are much more likely to get you noticed.

Here’s the sort of content you could produce:

  • Musical performance: cover songs, originals, collaborations, jam tracks.
  • Vlogs: document your gigging, studio work, learning.
  • Lessons: teach an instrument, talk about theory, discuss gear.
  • Reviews: product reviews, music reviews, gear demos.
  • Entertainment: talk about interesting topics, create comedy videos, parodies.
  • Creation: document your music creation process.
  • Artist: promote your original music and content, create music videos, share info about upcoming shows and work, vlog about your life as an artist.
Beyond The Beat Instagram Posts

Many influencers create a mix of the content above, depending on their interests and strengths.

The key thing to remember is consistency and branding. To build a large audience, you should try to post regularly with a familiar style and tone.

While our top selection of influencers often mix and match many forms of content, they all have a consistent voice and post regularly.

Musicians - how to be successful on social media

  • Multiple social media platforms, or just one? Some musicians use YouTube as a main platform with other channels to support it. Some focus solely on a single platform. Whichever platforms you choose, make sure you’ve got time to post regularly on each.
  • Consistent style: why not use YouTube as your main platform (updated semi-regularly) and Instagram as your ‘behind the scenes’ platform (updated daily). Whichever platforms you choose, try to keep a consistent style for each.
  • Get involved: respond to comments, engage with your community, and be a positive member of the online world!
  • Strong identity: find consistent logos, graphics, and even colour schemes to identify your channels.
  • Brand: have a strong bio link - whether that’s to a website or another social media platform.
  • Voice: be the best version of yourself. Don’t feel pressured to imitate others: in the long run, you’re your best approach is to have your own style!

How can I be a drum influencer?

Meet Stu, A.K.A, ‘Beyond The Beat.

Stu Fagan - Beyond The Beat

Stu is a music educator and influencer who has played in a Glam rock tribute act, originals bands, and with long-time friends in the covers group ‘Eccentric pony’.

After a couple of years of consistently posting and engaging with the online drumming community, Stu has amassed over 65,000 followers on social media and is an endorser of several high-profile brands.

In an exclusive collaboration with Gear4music, Stu has given us a breakdown of his current setup, touching upon his beliefs and approach to creating content.

Even if you’re not a drummer, you’ll learn a lot from this video about how to get the most from social media!


Stu - what is the best way to create content?

As an experienced influencer, Stu has some best practice advice for those wanting to create meaningful content and grow an audience on social media. Here’s a few top tips:

  • Keep a tidy workspace: tidy room, tidy mind! An unkept workspace can negatively affect productivity, whilst potentially blunting the aesthetic of your videos.
  • Don’t annoy your neighbours: an electronic kit is brilliant for drumming at unsociable times, especially when you conjure an amazing drum fill idea at 3am. Plus, some feature built-in recording such as the TD17KVX.
  • Be authentic: don’t try to be anyone but yourself. If you force a fake personality, you will come across awkward and unnatural. You see growth in your channel when you are yourself.
  • Be resourceful: make the most out of what you have and when the time is right, research and then expand your setup so you know what will work best for you.
  • Lighting is essential: a lot of people learn by eye, mimicking what they see. Not only will your videos look professional, but improving Lighting makes it easier for people who learn through watching.


Lastly, Stu’s golden rule…

  • Have fun: don’t take things too seriously! Enjoy yourself first and foremost - no one needs additional stress!

What do you need for recording drums at home?

To record drums, you can start with as little as a mobile phone and your drum kit. However, if you are looking to create higher quality content, or enhance your home recording setup, there’s a few things you may want to consider.

Drum microphones: the more microphones you can use, the clearer the sound of your drum kit you’ll get.

Audio interface: lets you connect all your microphones to your computer to record them independently.

Multitrack recorder: a standalone recording device to capture multiple microphones.

Here’s a rundown of Stu’s studio gear:


Aston Origin Overheads

Audix Mics - D2 D4 D6 I5

Audio Interface

Scarlett 18i8

DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

Pro Tools

 Electronic Drums

Roland 17KV X drum kit

You may also want to check out the Yamaha EAD10 for acoustic recording – it’s a quick and easy alternative to having a multi-mic setup, letting you capture the entire kit with one device!

Beyond the Beat Studio

Complete Studio Gear

If you want a complete detailed run-down of the drum studio gear you might need, check out our recent feature with session drumming ace Tom Meadows. Drum Recording Tips from Tom Meadows – recording tips, complete studio gear, and more.

Roland Electronic Drum Kits

What about electronic drums?

If you don’t have space for an acoustic, you may be looking at recording playing on an electronic drum kit. Depending on the Module, electronic drum kits often have built-in recording features, meaning all you need is a Camera or mobile phone, plus a laptop or computer.

What other gear could help home recordings?

Other gear you might not consider when first thinking about recording drums may include Drum Screens, Acoustic Treatment, or maybe even a Drum Module upgrade to a more efficient in-built recording system.

Video making gear

Video recorders: our musician-specific video recorders feature a camera and built-in microphones, making it as easy to record as possible. Some media kits feature a microphone and stand, designed to turn your phone into the ultimate video capture device.

Lighting: as well as lighting kits, you could purchase a bundle like the MyStudio Studio Kit For Creators, with a greenscreen, lighting ring, lapel mic, and more.

Podcasting Gear: featuring microphones, interfaces, and mixers that are ideal for podcasting or vlogging.

Find out more

You can check out Stu’s channel and check out how he utilises his setup to create engaging content on Instagram @Beyondthebeat17.

Watch our news feed for future collaborations between Gear4music, Roland and Stu…

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Stu’s drum gear:


Natal Originals Walnut 20” Cerulean Blue

Natal Café Racer 22” Exotic Burst

Snare Drum

Tama Starclassic Snare

Natal Originals Walnut 14 x55” Snare


DW5000 Double Pedal

Mapex Armory Hi Hat stand

Yamaha Cymbal Stands


Vater Sugar Maple Piccolo Drumsticks

Ching Ring


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