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Guide to Ear Protection - Protect Your Ears this Summer

Ear Protection Guide
Ear Protection Guide

With festival season in full swing, now is the best time to think about protecting your hearing. But which ear protection should you buy? Read our guide to find out.

Why Wear Ear Protection?

You like festivals. Year after year you keep going. But imagine that there’s no point in you going. Why? Because you can’t hear anything! Looking after your hearing, then, is rather important to any music lover. That’s why ear protection is an essential item to pack for any festival goer.

But there’s also the fact that festivals are gloriously loud.

Foo Fighters are headlining at Leeds/Reading Festival this year. And they are loud. At a Foo Fighters gig in 2011, GeoNat measured the ground oscillating three times per second. You read that right. The gig was that mega -THE GROUND- was vibrating. Which, let’s face it, is pretty cool.

But there’s no getting away from the fact that a loud gig without protection might be the one that ruins your hearing. For the rest of your life.

Once your hearing is gone, it doesn’t come back. Even if you don’t quite destroy your hearing, you can still risk Tinnitus. Which is a constant ringing in the ears – even when you’re trying to sleep. And in case you wondered, there is no cure for Tinnitus.

But it’s really easy to avoid all of that. All it takes is two tiny, discrete ear plugs. You can get a set with a metal keyring case for £6.99. So, it’s not too expensive and they’ll block out noisy neighbours at 5am. Top stuff.

Make your next gig as enjoyable as possible by protecting your hearing. Read on to find out more, or click here to see our full range of ear protection.

Which Ear Protection Is Best?

The truth is, it depends. In reality, the best ear protection is the ear protection you have with you. And that depends on the situation you use them in. For festival goers, the most compact ear plugs are the order of the day.

SubZero Musician Ear Plugs, Pair

In-Ear Plugs

Usually, this is in the form of silicone ear plugs with a small case. They allow you to wear them for long periods of time without them being uncomfortable or inconvenient. These earplugs let you hear everything clearly while lowering the sound getting to your ears by around 20dB. Check out the affordable yet effective SubZero Musician Ear Plugs as a great starting point.

Planet Waves Comfort Fit Foam Ear Plugs, 3 Pair

Foam In-Ear Plugs

If you’re on a budget and need to significantly reduce the volume you’re exposed to, then Planet Waves Foam Ear Plugs are a great place to start.

Coming in at £3.99 for three pairs, you can reduce noise by 29dB, which is a lot. So, you’d definitely be protected. The only drawback is that they’re perishable items, so you may want to consider some silicone plugs if you want something to last a little longer.


Flare Audio Isolate MiNi Aluminium Ear Plugs with Lanyard and Case

Premium In-Ear Protection

If you want something a little more permanent, the Flare Audio Isolate Aluminium Ear Plugs with Lanyard and Case are a great choice. These premium ear plugs attenuate (lower) a wide spectrum of frequencies. The solid aluminium build also allows for sound to reach you through bone conduction. This allows you to lower the volume your ears are exposed to, without sacrificing the detail of sound. The high-performance design of these plugs, combined with the handy lanyard and case, make these a great long-term way of protecting your hearing.

Alpine Muffy Ear Defenders For Kids, Yellow Smiley

Ear Defenders

If you’re likely to be taking your ear protection on and off (i.e. in a studio), ear defenders might be the way to go. They don’t offer quite as much protection, but they are quicker and easier to put on.

Ear defenders are also a popular ear protection choice for kids. Along with being easy to check if they’re being worn correctly, ear defenders are less intrusive than in-ear options. Which makes the Alpine Muffy Kids Ear Defenders a top choice for kids.

Shure SE425 Sound Isolating Earphones, Clear

Which Ear Protection Do Musicians Use?

The best ear protection for musicians depends on your budget and the amount of protection you require. Musicians can benefit from any kind of ear protection, whether that be in-ear or over-ear styles. While foam ear-plugs are a great grab-and-go solution, silicon and aluminium ear protection offers fantastic long-term use.

Musicians may also consider in-ear monitors which combine the best elements of passive ear protection with a premium listening experience.

Find out more | In-Ear Monitors

Vic Firth Drummers Headphones

Ear Protection for Drummers

And drummers – we’re here for you. If you want something that you can take on and off quickly – Vic Firth offers fantastic ear protection for drummers. The Vic Firth Drummers Headphones make it easy to protect your hearing from your drums while listening to your music.

If you want to acquire some of the highest quality of ear protection, there’s the Direct Sound HP25 Passive Ear Protectors, and the Direct Sound Your Tones Plus Hearing Protection Headphones. These are headphones that keep external sounds below dangerous levels, offering 33dB of noise isolation. They let you play your music at a sensible volume, so you hear everything you need to keep your playing at its peak, whilst ensuring your hearing is protected.

Direct Sound HP25 Passive Ear Protectors
Direct Sound Your Tones Plus  Hearing Protection Headphones, Black

Ear Protection at Gear4music

Beyond these products, we have a great selection of in-ear and over-ear protection at Gear4music. Whatever your budget and your requirements, shop now to find exactly what you need.

Find out more | Shop Ear Protection Now


Festival Essentials
Travel Instruments

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By Michael Hayes

Posted on 3 Jun 2019 11:12 to category : Instruments News

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