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Gear4music Visits Zildjian Headquarters in Massachusetts, USA

Gear4music Visits the Zildjian Head Quarters
Gear4music Visits the Zildjian Head Quarters

Here at Gear4music we have a great relationship with Zildjian Cymbals and this year we were lucky enough to be invited to the factory and headquarters over in Norwell, Massachusetts, USA.

June 2018 has been an exciting month for Gear4music as we embarked on a short summer vacation! On arrival at the Zildjian headquarters, our first glimpse of the facility was the sparkling Zildjian sign outside. On a clear summer's day, with the sun shining bright, we can vouch that goose bumps were felt in anticipation!

Zildjian HQ Entrance

The facility truly is a drummer's paradise, and the collection of memorabilia is awe-inspiring - as you walk around you casually stumble across iconic set ups from legendary drummers such as Travis barker, Tre Cool, Ringo Star and Gene Kupra! It really is something to touch Buddy Rich's own drum kit in person!

Buddy Rich's drumkit!

Various legendary players' drumkits

There's so much history in this building and Zildjian is keen to tell the story of everything that has happened, from the origins of the company in 1618 to the present day.

Zildjian History

During the factory tour, we were amazed when we got the chance to watch a cymbal come to life. Taken from a secret mixture of copper and tin, put through some intense heating, rolling, hammering and lathing processes, the cymbal finally became the beautiful polished disc that we're accustomed to - it's a wonderful reminder of the intensive process that we take for granted when smashing out our beats.

Zildjian Factory

Zildjian is home to some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry and the passion that radiates from them is infectious. You can't help but absorb their enthusiasm and be impressed by the heritage that has resulted in the creation of some of the best cymbals in the world - we're incredibly proud to pass on their products to the latest generation of drummers.


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By Jake Brooksbank | Drums & Percussion at Gear4music

Posted on 1 Jan 2020 15:09 to category : Gear4music

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Here at Gear4music we have a great relationship with Zildjian Cymbals and this year we were lucky enough to be invited to the factory and headquarters over in Norwell, Massachusetts, USA.

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