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Gear4music Meets Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots

Josh Dun Talks to Gear4music About SJC Drums and 21 Pilots
Josh Dun Talks to Gear4music About SJC Drums and 21 Pilots


Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots recently took time out of his busy ‘Trench’ tour to meet Gear4music! Watch him talk about SJC Drums, music in general, and see his top advice for new players.

By Joe Synnott | Published 24.09.2019

Gear4music Meets Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots

Josh Dun has become a phenomenon amongst contemporary drummers. After joining Tyler Joseph in 2009 and forming the band Twenty One Pilots, this talented duo have forged a hugely successful career and become one of the biggest bands in the world.

As a testament to their hard work and dedication, Twenty One Pilots have sold millions of records and won countless awards, including the Best Pop Duo Grammy Award in 2017. The pair have also amassed a dedicated fanbase, named the ‘Skeleton Clique’.

Back in 2012, when Josh was beginning to enjoy early success, he signed with SJC Custom Drums and has since become one of their most prolific artists. We joined Josh earlier this year during the tour of his critically acclaimed ‘Trench’ album. Despite a busy schedule, Josh sat down with Gear4music to talk about music gear, playing Reading and Leeds festival, SJC and… well… drums!

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00:10 – Playing UK festivals

Question:  How is it playing festivals in the UK?

Answer: It’s been great. UK festivals have been a goal for us to play; we worked really hard and had put ourselves, in our minds, at Reading & Leeds.

01:42 – Twenty One Pilots stage shows

Question:  How do you want to perform to the audience?

Answer: We review the footage of our shows to make sure we are always looking to make them better.

03:56 – Why SJC?

Question:  Why did you choose SJC over other brands?

Answer: I was close to making my own drums, but SJC approached me through a mutual friend and was keen to do something; they took a leap of faith and since then we’ve had a great relationship.

05:55 – Signature Lines

Question:  How did you create your signature sound and design for your drums?

Answer: We had a nice floral camo pattern, the Trench Camo, which I really wanted to put on some acrylic drums… they managed to create a nice wrap and made it look really cool.

08:05 – Gear Advice & Drum Specs

Question:  What advice would you give to a kid who wants to buy their first drum kit?

Answer: Love learning and getting into music, get some drum shells you like, maybe buy cheap and work your way up!

11:56 – New ‘Bandito’ Specs

Question:  Tell me about the new Bandito drum kit

Answer: I’ve always played maple, but mahogany adds so much life and body. It ended up sounding really good.

15:04 – Making the Bandito affordable

Josh: Growing up I didn’t have a lot of money, my parents made me buy my own drums which drove the passion and made me more appreciative - for that I’m thankful. So… when designing my own signature line, I wanted them to be affordable for kids who were like me!

16:43 – Advice for Young Drummers 

Question:  What advice would you have for the young drummer, those kids who want to be the next Josh Dun?

Answer: Maybe have lessons. I use YouTube – which was great for me - but that may have helped more. Also, learn all sorts of genres, not just music you’re comfortable with.

19:30 – Any ‘game-changing’ gear?

Question:  Are there any bits of gear you couldn’t go without?

Answer: My snare! Seriously though… you need that.

20:05 – The ‘Bouncy’ Chair

Question:  Didn’t you have a DW chair that helped you ‘bop’ behind the kit?

Answer: There was a hydraulic throne I saw a gospel drumming using. I haven’t really gone without it since. When I’ve played other gear, it just doesn’t feel the same. So, I would say a good throne and snare.

22:15 – Parting words ‘Play Drums’

Question:  Would you have any parting words for anything listening?

Answer: Play drums.

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