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Gear4music Changing Lives - Supporting Those in Need

Changing Lives
Changing Lives

Gear4music Changing Lives - Supporting Those in Need

Music makes a real difference to wellbeing. We’re supporting the Changing Lives charity by donating musical instruments to people in need.

By Michael Hayes | Published 14.04.20

We’re collaborating with the Changing Lives charity. COVID-19 has changed all of our lives, and the absolute need to stay at home has transformed how we live. Dealing with the implications of the pandemic is not easy, particularly for the most vulnerable and socially excluded.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Changing Lives to donate musical instruments. For people who don’t have the luxury of private accommodation, the challenges are great. Not only do they deal with the stress of their circumstances, the opportunity for relief might not always be available. But light relief is an important element in preserving mental wellbeing.

Changing Lives

FIND OUT MORE | Chaning Lives

Changing Lives is a charity that operates in the north of England and the midlands. It provides compassionate shelter, support, and other services, with more than 100 projects in the UK. Having been in operation for over 50 years, Changing Lives aims to help with homelessness, employment, women/children’s support, and drug/alcohol dependency.

Their shelters are an essential part of people being able to build a future for themselves. Finding the roots of strengths and talents in their residents, Changing Lives combines recovery with building esteem and skills.

Using the “Theory of Change’’ process, Changing Lives gives people the chance to change their lives for the better. Almost 20% of staff at Changing Lives have also been through the process themselves.

Find out more - Changing Lives

How Music Can Help

Relief from the pressures of difficult times can be hard to find, particularly for those facing serious challenges in their lives. We believe that learning to play music enriches people’s lives, improves confidence, relieves stress, and helps build bonds between people.

While there is no one-size-fits-all way to improve mental wellbeing, music has seen some strong scientific evidence for its ability to help improve mental health. This is something that we’re well positioned to help with, so we’re more than happy to lend our support.

Read more | Gear4music - Music and Wellbeing: How Music Helps

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How We Are Helping

We’re donating musical instruments to projects across the UK, run by the Changing Lives charity. Our delivery drivers have been safely dropping off keyboards, guitars and other musical instruments. We’re hoping to give something to those who don’t have the means for a creative outlet. We’re keen to offer some relief in these difficult times.

How You Can Help

DONATE NOW | Changing Lives

You can help by going to the Changing Lives website and donating. This will help provide the necessary services and support to build a new future, for those who need it most. You can also find out more in depth how they help their residents, along with more details on their project and ways we can all help.

Find out more | Changing Lives

Posted on 7 Apr 2020 00:00 to category : Gear4music

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Music makes a real difference to wellbeing. We're supporting the Changing Lives charity by donating musical instruments to people in need.

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