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Fender Launches the Pro II Series

Fender Pro II Series
Fender Pro II Series

Fender Launches the Pro II Series

Fender's Pro II takes the Pro series to the next level. Featuring revolutionary new pickups, classy finishes, updated playing specs, and much more.

Fender Pro II

By Sam Preece | Published 13.10.20

Fender has just announced the Pro II Series - a new range of electric guitars and basses that takes iconic Fender models to the next level.

Fender Pro II - What's New?

As its name suggests, the new Pro II Series is amongst the most professional range of Fender's instruments. Here you'll find a collection of iconic Fender models, taken to the next level in terms of spec and playability.


A new range of V-Mod II pickups delivers the iconic Fender tones that we know and love. Rather than radically altering the tonal makeup of each guitar, Fender has instead honed each pickup for every model in the family.

The V-Mod II’s use different types of coil wire, bespoke mixtures of alnico magnet values, and new experimental winding methods.

To make the most of these new pickups, Fender has installed each guitar with a treble bleed circuit, letting you maintain clarity when rolling back the volume control for supreme dynamic range and touch sensitivity.

Pro Playability

Experience ultimate comfort for your fretting hand. There’s a “Deep C” neck shape on every guitar in this series which lies between a “Modern C”- and “U”-shaped profile. So, it will fit comfortably in your hand, while the new “Super-Natural” satin finish reduces friction for fast playing.

Stylish new finishes

With every new Fender series comes an eye-catching new series of colours. This time, Fender has gifted us all-new Miami Blue, Dark Night, Mercury, Mystic Surf Green, and Natural Pine finishes.

With these added to an already-stunning list of colours, there’ll be something that suits your personality and style.

The ultimate protection

You’ll be able to keep your new beauty safe on the road straight away. A deluxe case comes included as standard when you buy your American Pro II. It has TSA-approved trigger latches, an ergonomic handle, and silver plush interior – because the best deserves the best!

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Posted on 13 Oct 2020 14:23 to category : Instruments News

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