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Fender Ed O'Brien Signature Stratocaster - Sustainiac Loaded Modern Guitar

Fender Ed O'Brien Signature Stratocaster - Sustainiac Loaded Modern Guitar
Fender Ed O'Brien Signature Stratocaster - Sustainiac Loaded Modern Guitar

The Fender Ed O'Brien Stratocaster marks a new collaboration between iconic English rock/experimental band Radiohead and Fender guitars. Announced at Summer Namm 2017, this guitar is arguably one of Fender’s most intriguing signature Strats ever produced.

Radiohead’s career has spanned decades with guitar genius Ed O’Brien providing the deep sonic soundscapes behind Thom Yorke’s distinct vocals and Jonny Greenwood’s experimental synth/ guitar textures. Ed is widely known for using modified Stratocasters with a Sustainer pickup, and Fender has finally deemed it time to produce a custom-made signature model.

The key feature of the Ed O’Brien Signature Stratocaster is the use of specialised pickups. While the Seymour Duncan® JB Jr. bridge pickup and the Texas Special™ middle pickup provide hot-rodded traditional Stratocaster tones, the neck features a battery powered Fernandes® Sustainer pickup. This induces string vibrations and can produce near-infinite sustain; ideal for creating some truly unique sounding textures.

The Sustainer can operate on one or more strings and can also be set to add an octave-above harmonic to your tone; think “With Or Without You” by U2 and you’d be in the right ball-park. This effect is like having an E-Bow device built into your guitar and provides a gateway to some wonderful new sounds and a wide scope for experimentation.

Despite the modern neck pickup, the Ed O’Brien Signature model features traditional Stratocaster tones and playability. With a classic Olympic White finish, satin-finished maple neck and vintage-style tuning machine heads & Synchronized Tremolo, the neck pickup is the only giveaway that this guitar hides some clever electronic wizardry.

Radiohead’s decades-long evolution means that their live performances require both rock and experimental sounds. The Ed O’Brien Stratocaster marks the first ever collaborative signature model released from Fender and Radiohead. Its delivers hot-rodded Stratocaster tones and playability but, if you look-beyond the surface, you’ll discover a gateway to a world of sonic soundscapes.

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By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 14 Nov 2017 10:17 to category : Instruments News

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