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Evans, Promark and Puresound - the lowdown with Ben from D'addario

Evans, Promark and Puresound – the lowdown with Ben from D’addario
Evans, Promark and Puresound – the lowdown with Ben from D’addario


Everything you need to know about Evans drumheads, Promark drumsticks and Puresound snare wires. Find out which ones are right for you.

By Joe Synnott | Published 27.09.19

D'addario on Evans, Promark and Puresound at Gear4music

Each drum sounds unique… each part contributes to its unique makeup. However, not all kits are created equal. Fortunately, D’Addario have some amazing products that can make any drum sing

We at Gear4music are extremely grateful that D’Addario allowed us time with their drum product specialist Ben! He has an amazing brain for drums and was happy to share some of his knowledge with us and our customers. Here are a few things we learnt from Ben…

Evans drumheads

Evans drumheads go further back in history than any other drumhead manufacturer, and their time-tested products have delighted drummers for years. Ben shared some handy knowledge with us to make choosing easier…

HD Dry

HD Dry is one of the best-selling Evans heads, helping control overtones that can be persistent especially in metal snare drums. This head has an internal dampening gasket and dry vents around the perimeter of the drumheads

Hybrid Coated

Hybrid Coated is an incredibly durable drumhead. Made from aramid fiber, this drumhead will hold against the heaviest hitters. The Coated wear-resistant texture is also brilliant for playing with brushes.


Calftone is a vintage style drumhead that is designed to look and sound like the calfskin heads from the vintage jazz era. Made with a 7-mil film base using synthetic materials, this drumhead provides the warm, nostalgic sound of yester-year.


UV1 is a new design from Evans by D’Addario. This incredibly versatile drumhead features UV-cured 10mil coating that is extremely durable, whilst providing the best, coated, single-ply drumhead tone for your drum.


Hydraulic is a head that features the same coating as the UV1 drumhead, yet, it has two plies of 7-mil film with a hydraulic fluid that creates a lower tone for your drum. This head works brilliantly with deep wood shell drums.


EMAD is a bass drum head with an externally mounted, adjustable dampener. This hugely popular drumhead has two foam inserts to vary the dampening that is required. Each EMAD comes with an EQ PC1 patch for added durability.


SoundOff is a drumhead design that allows quiet practice, whilst also doubling up as an electronic drum kit drumhead. The SoundOff drumhead features a black design which looks cool when placed on a drum.


Onyx is a drumhead that features a 2-ply construction with a frosted coating. This drumhead can be used on snare and tom toms, creating shorter, darker tones from your drums. An ideal mate for any rock or metal drummers’ drum kit.

Promark drumsticks

Promark was founded in Texas, 1957, and was acquired by D’Addario in 2011. As an established brand, D’Addario provided an exciting vision for Promark drumsticks, creating highly innovative and acclaimed products.


Firegrain are drumsticks that are incredibly durable. Their design involves flame-tempering, a special process that originates from Japanese roof manufacturers to create weather-resistant and incredibly durable roofs.

Lightning Rods

Lightning Rods are constructed from dowels made of premium birch, to create a ‘rod’ that can be used for low volume drumming. The lightning rods are an addition to the ‘Hot Rod’ family but are slightly more durable and thicker in diameter.

Select Balance

Select Balance drumsticks are designed to making drumstick selection easier. The main difference being that Forward Balance has a thicker taper towards the end of the drumstick and Rebound Balance has a thinner taper towards the end, making each stick different in feel.

Active Grip

Active Grip are a drumstick design that features an innovative heat-activated lacquer finish. The lacquer reacts to a drummer’s body temperature, creating a ‘sticky’ drumstick, making it grippy and less prone to dropping.

Shira Kashi Oak

Shira Kashi Oak are an incredibly durable, heavier, drumstick due to Oak’s natural toughness. Now available in the Select Balance range options including Forward and Rebound Shira Kashi Oak drumsticks. These drumsticks will weather the storm that hard hitters whip up.

Puresound snare wires

Puresound create exemplary snare wires. Designed by Yoav DeBasc in the 1990s and taken on by D’Addario in the 2000s, Puresound have continued to be at the forefront of snare wire product design.


Blaster snare wires are a 20-strand product designed for drummers playing ‘high-velocity’ music. They have bent plates at the ends for better contact and feature increased sensitivity and projection when used for high-volume, high-intensity playing.

Super 30

Super 30 snare wires are an incredibly wide snare wire, creating a dry, more responsive snare. As part of the wide-feature snare wires, this product may only fit certain snare drums. However, if your snare does, you can create desirable ‘fat’ and ‘crisp’ snare sounds.

Custom Pro

Custom Pro snare wires are considered the flagship of the Puresound snare wire range. The 24-strand wires are made from brass, creating a bright and resonant sound. An added feature a ‘speed-release’ strap with a ‘quick-release’ pin, allowing for easy resonant head replacement.

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