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Elektron Release Analog Four MKII and Analog Rytm MKII

Analog Four MKII
Analog Four MKII

Successors to the highly regarded Analog Rytm drum machine, the brand new Elektron Analog Four MKII and Elektron Analog Rytm MKII unveil themselves as the next link in the chain of Elektron's impressive lineage.

Like the Analog Four before it, the Analog Four MKII operates as a tabletop synthesizer complete with a four voice selection. Four CV/Gate outputs also allow for the control of external gear whilst enabling the user to exact complete control over their active sounds.

Subject to extensive re-wiring, the Analog Four MKII's output is more pristine and defined than ever before. From deep, powerful bass to crunchy overdrive, the Analog Four MKII's studio grade tone remains consistently impressive across the board.

Encased in an aluminium body, the Analog Four MKII is entirely durable and is well equipped to handle the most testing of live shows . Complete with backlit buttons, light-up OLED screen, hi-res encoders and integrated quick performance controls, the Analog Four MKII has been constructed with a quick and decisive workflow in mind.

Alongside the Analog Four is the brand new Analog Rytm MKII. Through a seamless blending of analog drum synthesis and digital sample engines/sequencers, the Rytm MKII can offer a huge quantity of beat shaping options. With the introduction of the Rytm MKII's large pads and vast quick performance controls, the playability of the drum machine has been hugely improved. Equipped with high bandwidth Overbridge and two seperate expression/CV inputs for external control, the Analog Rytm MKII can fit neatly into any modern set-up, providing you with a dynamic and expressive medium for beat control.

For more information on our range of Elektron products please visit our Elektron product page.

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By Josh Hummerston

Posted on 6 Jul 2017 14:51 to category : Instruments News

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