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Electronic Music Industry Giants Unite To Fight Discrimination

Electronic Music Industry Giants Unite To Fight Discrimination
Electronic Music Industry Giants Unite To Fight Discrimination

Electronic Music Industry Giants Unite To Fight Discrimination

Pioneer DJ, Beatport, Mixmag and more team up to launch an initiative that will tackle discrimination within Electronic Music.

Electronic Music Industry Giants Unite To Fight Discrimination
By | Published 13.04.21

Some of the most popular giants in the electronic music scene have teamed up in an aim to provide a more inclusive environment across the industry. Pioneer DJ, Beatport, Sentric Music Group, AFEM, Mixmag, RA, IMS, and Women in CTRL have today (13th April 2021) partnered with InChorus to launch the Electronic Music Inclusion Initiative (EMII).

Following numerous claims of sexual harassment, discrimination, and toxic cultures in the electronic music industry, all EMII partners have come together in solidarity with a shared goal: to strive for real, pro-active change and greater inclusion. 

As the lead partner, Pioneer DJ’s General Manager, Mark Grotefeld commented:

“Diversity and inclusion are key priorities for Pioneer DJ. We are proud to support the Electronic Music Inclusion Initiative in order to push for systemic change across the industry. We hope this will continue the progress and empower individuals to share their experiences of bias and harassment and encourage the industry to adopt robust listening tools that enable targeted action and progress.”

This change will start by gathering research into harassment & discrimination across the sector. For the next four weeks, anyone working within the Electronic Music industry can access a survey that will allow them to anonymously record any type of harassment.

Information from the survey will be collated to offer key insights into the behavioural trends affecting the industry. This is the first step for EMII to be able to offer advice on what we can do in future to improve the sector explains AFEM General Manager, Greg Marshall:

“This first step for the Electronic Music Inclusion Initiative is designed to provide new insights on harassment, bias and discrimination issues within our culture and inform the next steps we can collectively take as an industry to address them.”

EMII Poster

With facts being recorded like the annual percentage of female DJs in the top 150 clubs being a mere 6%, there’s no surprise that Women in CTRL have also joined.

Women in CTRL Founder Nadia Khan commented:

“The electronic music industry has a sexual harassment and discrimination problem.  Microaggressions and more ambiguous forms of sexism are more common than outright harassment, having an anonymous space to speak out is important as many times we see incidents go unreported in fear or being shut out, losing work and opportunities.“

“There’s not one monotonous form of discrimination so an intersectional approach is key to addressing the bias that exists. Queer women of colour not only experience sexism, but racism and homophobia.“

“Women in CTRL encourage all across the EDM industry to come forward, speak out and share their experiences so we can have tangible data to identify key issues and work on solutions to make the industry a safer and more inclusive place.”

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Find out more | InChorus

Speak out | Take part in the survey

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