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Denon DJ SC5000M Prime with New Motorised Platter and Real 7'' Vinyl

Denon DJ SC5000M Prime with New Motorised Platter and Real 7'' Vinyl DJ Denon Audio Player SC5000
Denon DJ SC5000M Prime with New Motorised Platter and Real 7'' Vinyl

A legacy vinyl performance experience meets the future of DJ technology with the Denon DJ SC5000M Prime.

The Denon DJ SC5000M Prime is a DJ media player with motorised platter, real 7" vinyl, and a 7" multi--touch display. This brand-new device is an update to the professional SC5000 Prime media player and offers DJs the perfect blend of old-school vinyl feel with the latest in cutting-edge performance technology.

Denon DJ SC5000M Prime Media Player

The SC5000M builds on its predecessor, the SC5000, and the new 'M' (motorised) model features a motorised platter with adjustable tension and a genuine 7'' vinyl surface.

“Wow! Denon has definitely brought the vinyl feeling back. This feels exactly like a turntable and it’s a 7” platter too which brings me back to playing 45’s as well. The players are great, lots of options like the dual-layer which is amazing because you only need two players to actually play four different records at any given time”. Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez (‘Masters at Work’, iconic House DJ)

Motorised Platter

 With the SC5000M's incredibly accurate platter sensitivity (3600 ticks per rotation) and torque adjustment, the SC5000M offers the authentic feel of using real vinyl with a true mechanical spin under the fingers. DJs now have access to true slip/scratch control from legacy technology, blended with the future of digital DJ tech.

The SC5000M's platter is accurately tracked by a Brushless DC electric motor and is, "more powerful and capable than anything previously available on a pro DJ media player." Denon DJ

Audio Playback

Speaking of cutting-edge digital DJ tech, the SC500M features a bright 7'' touch screen display with multi-touch capabilities for complex gesture control. As a media player, the SC5000M can play back uncompressed audio (FLAC, ALAC, WAV) at 24-bit/96kHz. Dual-layer playback with individual audio outputs expands the playback potential of this device even further, effectively giving you two media players in one single, standalone unit.

Denon DJ SC5000M Prime Media Player

"Mix and match beats, instrumentals or acapella’s between independently outputted channels and throw ‘instant-doubles’ across layers, or to another player without the need for a connected laptop – flexibility and creative DJ expression is now literally limitless." Denon DJ

Building on the predecessor - the SC5000

Following on from the SC5000M's predecessor, 8 multifunction trigger pads are also included for cues, loops, slices and rolls. The SC5000M also includes its predecessor's class-leading Timestrech algorithm for sonically-controlled and key-locked extreme tempo changes.

3 USB and 1 SD inputs are included for music playback, and Engine Prime music management software is included in the box to get you in control of your music library. A LAN output allows users to link up to four players, so the SC5000M can grow with your own performance needs as you expand your system.

The Denon DJ SC5000M is a perfect blend of old-school vinyl technology and feel, with cutting-edge digital DJ technology. We think it will be very popular.

Denon DJ SC5000M Prime Media Player

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Denon DJ SC5000M Prime Media Player

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By Matt Wilkinson

Denon DJ SC5000M Prime Media Player

Posted on 9 Aug 2018 15:06 to category : Instruments News

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