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Denon DJ Hardware Gets WiFi Connectivity. Get Ready to Stream Music Directly from the Internet.

Denon DJ Hardware Gets WiFi Connectivity. Get Ready to Stream Music Directly from the Internet.
Denon DJ Hardware Gets WiFi Connectivity. Get Ready to Stream Music Directly from the Internet.

Denon DJ has just switched on its inactive WiFi connections. Find out how you can now stream music directly from the internet to your Denon DJ hardware.

Denon DJ Prime Series

Denon DJ Hardware is Now Internet Ready

Denon DJ is a consistent pioneer in the DJ world and its latest exciting announcement is further proof of this; as of yesterday, Prime series DJ hardware is now capable of direct connection to the internet via WiFi and cable.

This isn’t the first time an inMusic family product has utilised a Wi-Fi connection in its products. Most notably is the recent integration of Splice with Akai’s flagship products, including the Akai Force, MPC X, and MPC Live.   

So, what does this mean? It means that Denon DJ Hardware – specifically the Prime 4, SC5000, and SC5000M - will now be able to stream music from leading streaming services without the need for a laptop connection. This will allow DJs from all over the world to access almost any track, right from their Denon DJ device.

Access to Premium Streaming Platforms

In preparation for this huge announcement, Denon DJ has collaborated with some of world’s largest streaming services. Denon DJ users will now have direct access to monolithic streaming services such as SoundCloud, TIDAL, Beatport, and Beatsource.

Even with just SoundCloud and TIDAL combined, these two services provide DJs with over 260 million tracks to access directly through the Prime 4, SC5000, or SC5000M. These devices can also integrate Beatport’s new LINK technology, which supports standalone streaming as well as offline storage for public performance – the first of its kind to do so. Beatsource and the world-leading promo pool, DJCity, will make sure you never run out of content, no matter what the genre.

More Control Over Your Library

With intuitive playlisting and expertly curated sounds from several huge platforms, Denon DJ’s latest update allows user to take to the stage with more confidence than ever before.

Whether you need to appease that one crowd member who keeps requesting Adele or some other obscure song, or you need to back up your entire playlist from a memory stick that has seen better days; Denon DJ hardware now offers the direct internet connection you need for total ease of mind. It has truly never been a better time to change you rider. Go Prime.

*All information subject to change.

Key Features

  • Wi-Fi enabled across the entire Prime Series (Prime 4, SC5000, SC5000M)
  • Hard wire/physical connection to internet available
  • Streaming of digital music services within standalone unit
  • Touchscreen interface direct to online streaming service
  • Buffering of track in unit memory in case of network disconnect
  • Add hot-cues and loop points to streamed tracks
  • Search artists, songs and playlists direct from touchscreen
  • Streaming service partners added via firmware updates starting this summer
  • Through the unique locker technology, both Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK will have offline storage
    • Beatport Link Pro will cost $39.99 per month and allow you to take 50 tracks offline
    • Beatport Link Pro will cost $59.99 per month and allow you to take 100 tracks offline

Denon DJ Prime – Now with Internet Connectivity

Denon DJ Prime Series

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By Adam Jones

Posted on 22 May 2019 16:41 to category : Instruments News

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