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Casio's A.i.R Technology Explained

The new A.i.R sound chip in Casio's digital pianos is more then three times more powerful than the previous chip, providing additional memory so the features on the pianos can work more efficiently - in turn improving sound quality and reaction to the nua
Casio's A.i.R technology is found in all new Privia and Celviano pianos
The latest advancements in the Casio Privia and Celviano digital piano ranges mean that the new models contain Casio's Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator sound source. But what exactly is A.i.R technology? Digital pianos are essentially computers, with the keys being the controls. For a machine like a computer to run at its best, there needs to be plenty of memory. For the Casio Privia and Celviano Pianos, the principle is the same.

The new A.i.R technology sound chip in Casio's digital pianos is more then three times more powerful than the previous chip, providing additional memory so the features on the pianos can work more efficiently - in turn improving sound quality and reaction to the nuances of playing.

More memory means that pianos can also store samples of piano that are longer and more detailed. Longer samples produce a better sound when you play a note that's decaying, a more natural sound. On digital pianos that use 'looping' on shorter samples, you can sometimes hear the unrealistic 'loop' which can detract from your performance.

The benefits of A.i.R don't stop at longer sampling. The technology brings nuances to your playing experience, too. 'Damper Resonance' is an important characteristic of an acoustic piano and it's recreated with Casio's technology to give you a dynamic performance tool, recreating the effect of resonating strings.

A 'Lid' function can be found on the AP-450, 650 and PX-850, offering four variations of nuance when you close, open, fully open and remove the lid. Every Privia and Celviano model includes a 'Hammer Response' feature, replicating delay.

These small but significant features all contribute to Casio Digital Pianos being some of the most authentic-sounding digital pianos in the world.

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By Alice Thomson

Posted on 26 Jul 2013 10:56 to category : Instruments News

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