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Calling All Reeds Players - Enter the Digital Age with the Roland Aerophone GO!

Roland Aerophone GO - Demo and Overview
Roland Aerophone GO - Demo
Calling All Reeds Players – Enter the Digital Age with the Roland Aerophone GO!

The Roland Aerophone GO makes it easy for reeds players to expand their musical horizons. Watch our video guide to see how easy it is to go digital.

The world of digital wind instruments can seem pretty daunting. Compared to our traditional wind instruments with their levers and reeds, futuristic digital devices couldn’t be much further from the instruments we’re used to.

Luckily, we recently had Alistair Parnell in our video studio to demonstrate just how easy it is for players to access the benefits of digital technology with the Roland Aerophone GO!

The Aerophone GO is a super simple, compact version of Roland’s AE-10 Aerophone. It features traditional saxophone key positions to allow for an easy transition from acoustic instruments. 11 onboard tones give you access to everything from woodwind and brass sounds, to synths and even drums!

Aerophone GO – what do I get in the box?

The Aerophone GO comes with everything you need to get started. A padded case protects your instrument and has room for all your accessories. The Aerophone GO comes complete with a neck strap, moisture strap, hard reed mouthpiece, mouthpiece cover, and 3 cables for connectivity.

Aerophone GO – who can use it?

Alistair is a classically-trained saxphone player and he uses the Aerophone Go for all manner of musical situations.

How easy it to use for a saxophone player?

The Aerophone GO is very simple to use for saxophone players! Familiar key positions and an expressive mouthpiece allow you to easily transfer your playing techniques.

Connections and use as a MIDI controller

A digital instrument offers a wide range of musical possibilities. Find out how you can connect to analog and digital devices.

Of course, the big benefit of the Aerophone GO is the ability to play anytime and anywhere! You’d be hard pressed to get away with playing your sax in the middle of the night without upsetting the neighbours, but this is no problem with the Aerophone GO.

Simply plug in your headphones or connect to your computer to practise, record or jam whenever inspiration hits. The Aerophone GO can run on batteries too, making it ideal for busking, open mic nights or jam sessions.

Aerophone GO Plus app and Bluetooth connectivity

The Aerophone GO can also connect to mobile devices via iOS/Android apps designed to enhance your practice and performance. The Aerophone GO Plus app offers many different ways to learn your favourite songs, including tempo control and the ability to loop sections. The app also gives you access to an additional 50 instrument sounds, allowing you to cover a huge range of genres and kickstart your creativity.

With the Aerophone GO Ensemble App, up to seven Aerophone players can perform together wirelessly. Choose from 19 different sounds and mix them together in the app; perfect for jamming with friends, street performance or classroom use.

Aerophone GO instrument sounds

Listen to the additional instrument sounds from the Aerophone GO app.

Using the Aerophone GO as a MIDI controller

Expand your horizons by using the Aerophone GO as a MIDI controller..

Aerophone GO – Performance with Alistair Parnell

In this performance, Alistair puts the Aerophone GO through its paces, playing through all of the onboard sounds in one take. And yes, that even includes the drum sounds!

Aerophone GO – go have some fun!

If you’ve been curious about digital wind instruments, hopefully Alistair has provided some of the answers to your questions and demonstrated how easy it is to get started with the Roland Aerophone GO! Isn’t it time you gave it a GO?

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By Pete Wilson

Posted on 10 Jun 2019 10:09 to category : Instruments News

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