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British Drum Co's Premium British Made Drums – Now Available at Gear4music

British Drum Co’s Exquisite Drums Make Their Way to Gear4music
British Drum Co Craft Premium British Made Drums – Now Available at Gear4music
British Drum Co’s Exquisite Drums Make Their Way to Gear4music
British Drum Co Craft Premium British Made Drums – Now Available at Gear4music


British Drum Co’s Exquisite Drums Make Their Way to Gear4music

By Tom Harris | Published 28.10.2019

British Drum Co's Premium British Made Drums – Now Available at Gear4music

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The Rundown of Gear4music’s new British Drum Co Drums and Accessories

The British Drum Co story

The British Drum Company was founded in 2015 by two familiar faces. One, known as a master drum builder with decades of experience. The other, a well-known comedian and passionate drummer. Their names are Keith Keough and Al Murray. Can you guess which one is which?

Keith Keough and Al Murray | Which one is which?

Though the British Drum Company is a new company, their experience goes back to the heart of British drum craftmanship. Keith is no stranger to crafting premium drums, having built the award-winning Modern Classic drums and much more, with drum company Premier. Bringing that same innovative flair to the British Drum Company, they are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with…

Where are British Drum Co drums made?

British Drum Co drums are handcrafted in Britain at their humble factory in Stockport, Manchester. 80% of all components are sourced from within the UK too… Exquisite! I’ll sip to that…

British Drum Co - Handcrafted in Britain!

Who plays British Drum Co drums?

The British Drum Company have a growing roster of loyal professionals showcasing their kits. Some of their top artists include Ian Matthews (Kasabian), Pete Salisbury (The Charlatans), Joe Donovan (Blossoms), Mike Joyce (The Smiths) – you get the idea. To see the full roster, check out BDC’s artist page.

British Drum Co drum kits

At Gear4music we are thrilled to stock a range of British Drum Co drums and accessories. Find out about those just below! At the heart of British Drum Co kits is the Lounge and Legend series…

The Legend

Shop Now | BDC Legend Series

The British Drum Co Legend utilises “the mighty sound of birch” to deliver epic waves of power and projection. The shell is made from 10-plies of cross-laminated Scandinavian birch, cold-pressed to keep the sonic qualities intact. This is British Drum Co’s versatile choice, with a refined, projective sound to suit a range of different musical styles and situations. Get the Legend seen in the above picture.

Shop now | British Drum Co. Legend Series

The Lounge

Shop Now | BDC Lounge Series

The British Drum Co Lounge is more for the vintage tone fanatic; the jazz connoisseur. The British Drum Company say it’s “evocative of the most revered vintage drum sounds” and we’d have to nod our heads in agreement. With a 9-ply blended shell of mahogany and birch (5.5mm thin), with 30-degree roundover bearing edges, it’s easy to see why the Lounge stirs up such vintage nostalgia.

Shop now | British Drum Co. Lounge Series

What is the difference between the British Drum Co Legend and Lounge?

The sound. The Lounge features a predominantly warm and complex timbre with much less cut and a lot more body. The Legend has more brightness with a more biting attack, producing more of an unbiased sound. The table below breaks down the main differences that make one a “Legend” and the other a “Lounge”.


British Drum Co Legend

British Drum Co Lounge


100% Scandinavian Birch shell (10-ply)

Mahogany and Scandinavian Birch (9-ply)

Bearing edges

Precision-cut 45°

Hand-cut, 30°

Bass drum

22’’ x 16’’

22’’ x 14’’

Both the Legend and Lounge Series drums have some of the same distinguished features, like cold-pressed moulding for pristine tone, and the iconic Palladium lug design.

How does that affect the sound?

The combination of 45-degree bearing edges and 100% Birch shells on the Legend means the attack is more pronounced, the projection is greater, and there’s a tad more brightness. The result is a more versatile sound – great for recording and live performance out of the box.

The use of a hand-cut, 30-degree bearing edge on the Lounge; combined with mahogany shells, means the attack is fatter and punchier, with a deeper, warmer tone. The addition of birch adds some balance and projection to the sound, but the overall tone is fat, punchy and vintage. There are no constraints on what music you can play, but they sound excellent for jazz, rock, and music where you want more low-midrange punchiness with a bit less on the high end.

See our full range of British Drum Co drumkits.

British Drum Co snare drums

The Bluebird

The Drums & Percussion team at Gear4music are still picking their jaws up after seeing this snare drum. The subtle aesthetic touches and earth-shattering projection put the Bluebird in a league of its own. It’s loud, but it only speaks when you want it to, at any volume you want it to. Its voice is a crisp, nuanced delight to the ears in any situation. You couldn’t say the same about your best friend, but that’s why we have the Bluebird.

Shop now | British Drum Co. Bluebird Snare Drum

The Merlin

Inspired by the wizardry that is Rolls Royce innovation, and critically acclaimed much the same; the Merlin snare drum features a stunning 20-plies of 10.5mm thick maple and birch. You get the warmth from the maple, while keeping the brightness and projection from the birch. It’s focused, punchy, and reliable. Great for any kind of music.

Shop now | British Drum Co. Merlin Snare Drum

The Big Softy

British Drum Co. 'Big Softy' 14 x 6.5'' Ochroma & Cherry Snare Drum

They call it the ‘Big Softy’ but we think it still packs a fair punch. Maybe not Bluebird levels of projection, though. The Big Softy is for drummers who like dark, mellow tones. It’s recognised by pro drummers as the ‘go-to’ studio snare. The sound is sensational at intimate jazz gigs to full-blown arena tours.

What makes the sound unique is the 9-ply Ochroma and Cherry wood shell. British Drum Co have shown many times they aren’t afraid to try out new, exotic woods to deliver a unique sound. With the Big Softy, it’s a sound worth treasuring. It manages to pick up the subtle nuances of your playing while giving you big, punchy sounds for fat backbeats.

Shop now | British Drum Co. 'Big Softy' Snare Drum

The Maverick

British Drum Co. 'Maverick' 14 x 6.5'' Maple Snare Drum

The Maverick is your classic maple snare drum. It was the first maple snare drum by the British Drum Company, created to meet the overwhelming demand for a ‘drummer’s drum’. It’s the snare you can rely on for any situation, but as always, the BDC manage to add their own special touches to it. The shell is 10-ply North American Birch, with an added outer veneer of Eucalyptus. It features 30-degree bearing edges to provide vintage tone. Finished with Palladium hardware and cold-pressed with the best of them, it’s your reliable workhorse snare with BDC style and finesse.

Shop now | British Drum Co. Maverick Snare Drum

See our full range of British Drum Co snare drums.

British Drum Co accessories

Joe’s Butler

British Drum Co. Joe's Butler Accessory Mount

Joe’s Butler keeps your drums nice and tidy, while keeping all your vital accessories within arm’s reach. Sip your energy drink, browse the web, draw some doodles – welcome to the 21st century.

To use the Butler, use a clamp to attach it to your hi-hat stand and you’re good to go.

With an ever-growing roster, you can expect to be seeing more of British Drum Co over the years to come. Meanwhile, you can see our full range of British Drum Co drums and accessories by using the links below…

Shop now | British Drum Co. Drum Kits

Shop now | British Drum Co. Snare Drums

Shop now | British Drum Co. Joe's Butler Accessory Mount

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By Tom Harris

Posted on 1 Nov 2019 16:47 to category : Instruments News

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