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BOSS Unveils the Waza Craft MT-2W Metal Zone and DC-2W Dimension

BOSS Waza Craft metal zone dimension distortion chorus mt-2w dc-2w
BOSS Waza Craft Metal Zone and Dimension

Metal players rejoice - BOSS's popular and influential pedal - the Metal Zone - is now available as a premium WAZA Craft edition. The DC-2W Dimension pedal also joins the Waza line up.

BOSS has just announced a premium Waza Craft edition of the Metal Zone distortion pedal and Dimension stereo chorus. Premium Waza Craft innovation is now available in two of BOSS's most iconic pedals.

Boss Guitar Effects Pedals

BOSS's Waza division was created to infuse boutique-style craftsmanship into the BOSS lineup. With premium, all-analog designs and thoughtful refinements, these pedals represent the pinnacle of BOSS's expertise. See our article - What's the Story? BOSS Waza Craft.

The brand-new Metal Zone MT-2W and Dimension DC-2W are the latest BOSS pedals to undergo the Waza treatment. Like the rest of the Waza line, each pedal is crafted in Japan and features all-analog circuity along with brand-new tonal refinements.

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Waza Craft Metal Zone

The new Waza Craft Metal Zone takes a prolific distortion pedal and brings it to the next level of versatility and premium tonality. First released in 1991, the original Metal Zone became a staple of high-gain player's pedalboards, and it has now been reintroduced to meet the tonal demands of contemporary players.

Two modes provide classic MT-2 tones - enhanced for more clarity - and a new Custom Mode, with a smoother midrange, expanded distortion sounds, and a tighter, more amp-like response. The new MT-2 Custom Mode can create a "fresh, wide-ranging voice that’s perfectly suited for today’s diverse high-gain styles." - BOSS

This new Waza Craft Metal Zone is designed to produce a wider range of distortion sounds, reflecting the huge variability of guitar tones found in modern metal genres. The new MT-2W is here to turn any amp into a high-gain monster and should go on to inspire the next generation of high-gain players.

Boss MT-2W Waza Craft Metal Zone Distortion Pedal

Waza Craft DC-2W Dimension

The new BOSS DC-2W Dimension is a recreation of two classic effects by Roland and BOSS from the '80s. The DC-2W offers a perfect sonic recreation of both the original BOSS DC-2 Dimension C chorus pedal, and the Roland SSD-320 Dimension D studio rack (the effect that this pedal was based on).

The new DC-2W provides the iconic tones that became the go-to "secret weapon" of countless producers and engineers. These tones featured on a multitude of classic records and have been beautifully recreated in the two switchable modes of the DC-2W. As BOSS say, the vintage Dimension effect was often mistakenly called a chorus effect, but its true sound is a subtly-enhanced 3D spatial processing, without any prominent modulation effect.

Enhanced with premium Waza Craft circuitry, reliable components, a premium buffer, and versatile I/O (stereo/mono, instrument/line level), the new DC-2W follows its predecessors and "magically enhances the width and depth of any sound, from electric and acoustic guitars to keyboards, vocals, and other sources." - BOSS The DC-2W features the same 'open and natural' sound of the Dimension without sounding overly processed.

Boss DC-2W Waza Craft Dimension Chorus Pedal

The DC-2W also includes the four preset modes of the original DC-2, as well as six variations by pressing two switches together (for a total of 20 different sounds). The DC-2W provides the same, subtle 3D-widening effect as the original Dimension units, but in a compact pedal with the latest all-analog circuitry and modern-day reliability.

BOSS Waza Continues   

These latest compact pedals expand the Waza lineup to a total of eight unique models and represent the boutique-level of craftmanship that BOSS is capable of.   

"In Japan, “Waza” is the term for art and technique, and these special edition pedals proudly carry the Waza symbol to represent the pinnacle of BOSS design and craftsmanship." - BOSS

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By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 4 Oct 2018 13:39 to category : Instruments News

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