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Akai Professional - Receive Free Sample Content with The Essential Collection

Akai Professional - The Essentials Collection - Promotion with free sample library music content for audio production
Akai Professional - The Essentials Collection

Until 31.12.18, new and existing Akai Professional Controller owners can receive free sample content from CR2!

Akai is offering customers free samples by CR2 with selected AKAI Professional products as part of the Essential Collection. Until 31st December 2018, buy any of the products listed below and receive Ableton-ready sample content from industry-leading sample creation and sound design developer CR2.

Akai Professional

New and existing owner of MPK Mini MK II, MPK Mini MKII LE White, MPD218, APC Mini, APC Key, or MIDIM can expand their sonic collection with an Ableton-ready sample library comprising:

  • 3 Ableton Live Clip Projects (Lite, Standard, Suite & Drum Rack versions), complete with lessons and walkthroughs
  • 8 Drum Racks and 1 Drum Rack Project – including drum, bass, vocal / FX and melodic one-shot samples
  • 6 Audio FX Racks - 3 drum / 3 melodic, curated into Ableton Live Lite, Studio and Suite versions
  • 8 groove-fuelled MIDI drum clips
  • 8 hard-hitting, professionally mixed drum loops
  • 128 production ready one-shot samples - kick, bass, cymbal, snare, hi-hat, percussion, FX, vocal and melodic
  • 40 inspiring melodic, bass, vocal and atmospheric / FX loops

Whether you already own one of the featured Akai products below or you're looking to acquire one, don't miss out on the chance to receive this FREE collection of professional samples!

"With The Essential Collection, Akai Professional and CR2 combine forces to provide producers and live performers with the ultimate in versatile control, bigger beats, harder drops and crisper synth content to match – creating something new has never been this easy!" ­- Akai Professional

Featured Products - Akai Essentials Collection


Akai MPD218 Pad Controller

The Akai MPD218 is a classic pad controller designed to give you an intuitive and tactile way of creating beats in the world of computer music production. 16 ultra-sensitive Thick Fat MPC pads are perfect for triggering samples with a pressure- and velocity-sensitive design to capture every nuance of your performance. The pads are duplicated in 3 banks, giving you a total of 48 fully-assignable triggers, while the 6 potentiometer controls are arranged in 3 banks, giving you 18 total controls for adjusting parameters in your DAW, effects, or virtual instruments.

Aleton Live Lite, Akai Pro MPC essentials, SONiVOX Big Bang Cinematic Percussion and Big Bang Universal Drums included


Akai MPK Mini MK2 Laptop Production Keyboard, White
Akai MPK Mini MK 2 Laptop Production Keyboard

The MPK Mini MKII  is perfect for travelling musicians and desktop producers. It combines a velocity-sensitive keyboard controller, touch-sensitive pads, and a full set of assignable dials to give complete control over your DAW, effects, plugins, and more. This is the ultimate device to come with you on the road, giving you a wide range of control from a compact and highly-portable unit.

Akai pro MPC Essentials, SONiVOX Wobble and Hybrid 3 by AIR Music Tech (downloads) - worth over £150

APC Mini

Akai APC Mini USB Ableton Live Controller

The APC Mini is the all-in-one Ableton live controller that you can fit in your backpack. Based on the flagship APC40 mkII, the APC Mini features an 8x8 clip matrix and 8 assignable faders (plus a master fader). This wide range of controls is designed to integrate seamlessly with Ableton Live, letting you launch clips and control a huge range of parameters from your virtual instruments, effects, samples, and much more.

Ableton Live Lite, Hybrid 3 by AIR Music Tech, SONiVOX twist, and TOOLROOM artist launch packs (downloads) included - worth over £200.

APC Key 25

Akai APC Key 25 USB Ableton Live Controller

The APC Key 25 combines a traditional keyboard controller with the clip-launching capabilities of a 40-pad tri-colour APC panel. This compact device is perfect for conventional composers and performing musicians who need the ability to control Ableton as well as directly play basslines, pads, and leads. The USB-powered, plug-and-play design means you can work anywhere at any time.

Ableton Live Lite, Hybrid 3 by AIR Music Tech, SONiVOX twist, and TOOLROOM artist launch packs (downloads) - worth over £200


Akai MIDImix USB DAW Controller

The MIDIMix is the compact and portable MIDI mixer for musicians, DJs and producers who want complete control over their audio, wherever they are. The compact design features 8 individual line faders (plus one master fader) alongside 3 rotary dials per channel. Each control can be assigned to any mixer setting within your DAW giving you complete, customisable control over your virtual mixing desk, virtual instruments, effects parameters, plugins, and more.  

Ableton Live Lite included

The Essential Collection - Sample Tools by CR2

If you're looking for some of the highest quality samples, presets, song starters, and templates, you're in luck! The Essential Collection is an inspiring set of sound content, production-ready drum kits, and meticulously-programmed drum and melodic racks. This collection is focussed on performance with its premium content ready to fill an Ableton Live Set.

Akai Professional

The Essentials Collection is designed to work seamlessly with the full range of Akai Professional featured products, letting you create an ultra-portable and modular studio solution with immersive, tactile control.

See the complete range of Akai Professional equipment at Gear4music.

See the full range of Akai Professional MIDI keyboards at Gear4music.

See the full range of Akai Professional MIDI Controllers at Gear4music.

By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 10 Sep 2018 10:51 to category : Instruments News

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