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Air Guitar Heralded As The Instigator of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Headsets
Virtual Reality Headsets
The initial forays into virtual reality during the late eighties were the human race's first tentative steps towards developing an alternate world in which possibilities previously unimagined came to fruition. It may come as a surprise then, that virtual reality was more or less kick started by a desire to create the world's greatest air guitar.

The first explorations into the realms of the virtual unknown were concerned with how we could play music in an augmented reality, perhaps unlocking previously unfounded potential for expanding our creative capabilities.

The original pioneer of virtual reality Jaron Lanier, stated

"I know this sounds incredible but the very first app we ever made on any of the original virtual reality equipment- which included the first gloves for interaction-was to play virtual musical instruments in the air. The very first virtual world I made was a musical one.

The very first demo that shipped with a commercial VR system was virtual musical instruments."

Credited with actually creating the term virtual reality, Lanier is a well documented musical enthusiast who spends much of his time playing a variety of different ethnic instruments to effectively illustrate his take on 'new classical' music.

Prominent now more than ever, virtual reality continues play a pivotal part in our society, every day life and future. Questions are frequently being raised about the extent of how involved virtual reality will be in our future musical endeavours.

With integrated technology fast becoming a focal point of modern life it seems an inevitable reality that motion controllers and similar devices will soon be deeply embedded into the mixing and production processes of our music, becoming more and more a part of our way of life.

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By Josh Hummerston

Posted on 28 Dec 2016 16:46 to category : Music News

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